April 8 market commentary: ‘Struggling with strong differentiation’

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AseanSC X

Continue to have increased inertia

(Asean Securities Company – AseanSC)

It can be seen that the bottom-catching force is always waiting outside, making vn-index difficult to adjust deeply in the current period. In addition, smart cash flow continues to flow strongly into stocks that are forecast to have good business results, especially when the first quarter financial statements will be released in the next few weeks, and the shareholders’ meeting season is approaching. It is forecasted that in the next session, VN-Index will continue to have increased inerity to test the resistance zone of nearly 1,245 – 1,250 points, with the support of the short-term dynamic averages MA3 days and MA5 days.

The uptrend of the VN-Index may slow down

(BIDV Securities Company – BSC)

Foreigners turned to be net sellers again with the cash flow differentiating to Midcap stocks, reflecting that the upturn momentum of the VN-Index may slow down and accumulate in the zone of 1,230-1,250 points.

Struggling with strong differentiation

(Bao Viet Securities Company – BVSC)

VN-Index is forecasted to move to challenge the resistance zone at 1,250-1,265 points in the remaining sessions of the week. Market movements will continue to struggle with the strong differentiation according to the business results of each specific enterprise. Domestic cash flow continued to be the main driving force supporting market movements in this period. Large-cap stocks, especially leading stocks, will alternately increase to support the market to go up in this period.

The vibration in the resist zone can still continue

(MB Securities Company – MBS)

After the correction session in the morning, the market resumed its uptrend despite foreign investors’ return to net selling. The market still fluctuates at the peak and still can hold the threshold of 1,230 points, the uptrend continues, but to surpass the current resistance, the market needs more supportive information or consensus from large groups of stocks. However, the shaking rhythm in the resistance zone can still continue in the coming sessions. A successful peak-breaking session will have the effect of relieving investors’ sentiment and drag a large cash flow to continue pouring into the market. Investors should focus on stocks that are forecasted to have positive Q1 business results.

Continue to increase points

(Saigon-Hanoi Securities Company – SHS)

In the next trading session, VN-Index can continue to increase points to reach the target of 5 increase waves. Medium-term investors observe the market and can take profits gradually when the market reaches the threshold of 1,250+- points.

The VN-Index is facing the opportunity to extend its uptrend

(Rong Viet Securities Company – VDSC)

The dispute process continues today. However, the cash flow continued to mark the support of the market and the support level is increasing compared to the previous 2 sessions. This shows that, the VN-Index is facing the opportunity to extend its uptrend in the near future. Therefore, investors continue to hold a strategic portfolio, at the same time they can look for short-term opportunities at some stocks with good technical signals after an accumulation period.

Continued uptrend

(Yuanta Securities Vietnam Company – YSVN)

YSVN believes that the market will likely continue its upward momentum in the next trading session and that the upward momentum may continue to expand to new highs. The positive point is that short-term cash flow continues to increase sharply and the market is still in a state of strong volatility in a positive direction, especially the spread of cash flow among stock groups suggests that the short-term up trend will be more sustainable. At the same time, the psychological indicators continue to rise sharply and remain in the safe zone.

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Source: ndh.vn – Translated by fintel.vn