Big_Trends: Even in a bad market, the opportunity is still quite clear

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(ĐTCK) The investment opportunity or short-term trading “offer sand to find gold” still allows investors to expect to build a safe portfolio and minimize risks.

The correction of the last trading session of the week can be seen as a typical technical correction from increasing selling pressure to increasing VN-Index to reach the average resistance level of 870 – 880 points. .

The majority of investors probably should not be too worried by the continuous recovery phase in the previous sessions and ended with a correction session with not much fluctuation range (VN-Index recovered more than 30 points from the landmark of 845 to 880 points) along with the sharp increase of many stocks.

Movements from the overall market are showing quite positive even though the transaction value is not really large. The cash flow is still only focused on a number of stocks with prosperous business results as well as bright prospects forecasts in the second half of 2020.

VN-Index, although having formed a short-term bottom at 823 – 825 points and recovered to touch the resistance area of 870 – 880 points, will continue to face the important resistance area of 900 points next week.

In fact, the general market is still moving in a large correcting wave (the period of adjustment + recovery + sideways movement in the range of 870 – 900 points). The characteristics of the current period are quite reasonable as there is not much supportive information, the period is not too favorable for a strong recovery, up and down adjustment has not ended. The market still needs more time to adjust the sideway before speeding up in August.

Although the VN-Index is still quite difficult to predict, when we count the number of stocks that increase / decrease as well as the number of stocks going against the market, the results are showing a relatively different face.

Many stocks are showing signs of positive accumulation, exciting transactions or even increased points, creating the mark of a typical segmentation. Many stocks that are in the list of stocks that are interested by investors such as VNM – GTN, GEX – VGC, KDC, NAF, MHC, VHM, DHC can still continue to perform well and play a role to hold for the market.

Although the liquidity in the first period of April is considered quite good, the general market will still be difficult to escape the movement trend in the period of large adjustment since the VN-Index reached the threshold of 900 points on 11/6. . Foreign investors also had 3 consecutive net selling sessions, causing concern about the net selling wave in July.

Therefore, except for the good buying situation which comes from domestic cash flow, but in terms of macro as well as foreign investors’ transactions and from time to time, it is difficult for the general market to increase strongly. The VN-Index may continue to accumulate for a period of time at 870 – 880 points, although the positive scenario for further increase to 900 – 920 points is still open.

Even in the bad scenario, the market corrects to 850- 870 points next week but the opportunity to participate in the market is still quite clear for many strong stocks (accumulating or rising soon). In any case, caution in trading should still be a priority for the rest of July.

Investment opportunities or short-term trading “offer sand to find gold” still allows investors to expect to build a safe portfolio and minimize risks.

Still being special stocks, individual stocks should be considered and evaluated carefully for investment rather than concerned with the market’s up and down movements.