Securities 1/3: VN-Index has exceeded 1,180 points at a time

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The excitement maintained in most of the morning session, the VN-Index sometimes exceeded 1,180 points before quickly backing up. VIC, SAB, MWG, NVL are not ready to fight, showing that the market needs more preparation before breaking out to higher levels.

However, positive developments on a series of Bluechips such as VHM, VIB, CTG, BID, HVN, VRE, GAS, TCB, VNM, … are enough to help VN-Index maintain a relatively safe increasing gap.

The cash flow was quite spread across the banking, oil and gas group, helping most stocks such as VCB, BID, CTG, VPB, MBB, HDB, GAS, PLX, PVT, PVD, PVS, BSR, … were covered in green. Large-cap securities companies such as SSI, HCM, VCI, VND, and SHS are somewhat favored over the rest.

Meanwhile, steel stocks also prospered with HPG, HSG, NKG all increased strongly, even POM, VIS increased the margin of “white selling” from early.

Ending the morning session, the VN-Index increased by 10.35 points (+ 0.89%) to 1,178.82 points with the liquidity of 10,288 billion VND, in which the matched value reached 9,846 billion VND. Foreign investors turned to be net sellers of nearly 11 billion dong on HoSE, not a big problem as the selling force mainly focused on HPG and VNM duo.

On the HNX, THD’s “flash sale” only dipped the HNX-Index to fall in red for a short time before the uptrend was established again. This index temporarily increased by 1.6 points + 0.64%) to 250.83 points with a liquidity of VND 1,398 billion.

Meanwhile, the increase of UpCOM-Index narrowed slightly to 0.19 points (+ 0.25%) to 76.83 points with liquidity of more than 740 billion.


Contrary to concerns when US stocks had an adjustment session at the end of the week, Vietnam’s stock market still had an exciting start in March. The information about the plan to transfer some stocks on HoSE to HNX in order to reduce the system load, creating a positive effect on the movements of all 3 exchanges.

Large-cap group with VHM, CTG, VCB, GVR, VIB, VPB, MSN, TCB, HPG, … all flourished, playing a leading role in the market while VIC was the biggest burden on the index. but the adjustment is not too deep.

The important stocks such as banking, securities, oil and gas, steel, and retail all saw positive movements while real estate saw a little differentiation. Many outstanding highlights to attract investors include RAL, DGW, NKG, POM, BSR, CTR, …

At 10:00 am, the VN-Index temporarily increased by 11.02 points (+ 0.94%) to 1,179.49 points with a liquidity of over VND 4,500 billion. Foreign investors were net buyers of nearly 77 billion dong, mainly on MBB, CTG, PLX, HSG, … while selling strongly on HPG, VNM.

On the HNX, positive developments on PVS, NVB, VCS, SHS, … not enough weight, the influence of THD made the HNX-Index suddenly turned down 1.56 points (-0.63%) to 247, 66 points with 697 billion dong of liquidity.

Meanwhile, UpCOM-Index increased by 0.26 points to 76.9 points with 443 billion in liquidity thanks to positive developments on ACV, CTR, and VTP.

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