Stock on February 22 through technical ‘prism’

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The uptrend is temporarily stalled

(Asean Securities Company – AseanSC)

On the daily chart, the VN-Index shows the ‘Inside bar’ candlestick pattern at the resistance zone of 1,180 – 1,190, showing that the uptrend is temporarily halting. Therefore, AseanSC believes that, in a negative scenario, the VN-Index will test the support area near 1,120-1,170 points, the next support area is forecast at 1,140-1,150 points. In a positive scenario, the near resistance area of ​​the VN-Index is forecast at 1,180-1,190 points, and the next resistance zone is forecast at 1,200-1210 points.

Continue to have difficulty at the resistance zone near 1,175-1,185 points

(Bao Viet Securities Company – BVSC)

The market marked the 3rd recovery week from the bottom of 1,000 points and the index is currently close to the historic peak of around 1,200 points. This is still a strong resistance zone for the market in the short term, so we believe that the market movements next week will be relatively struggling and accompanied by a strong differentiation among stocks. Doji or Spinning Top candlesticks are likely to appear on the weekly chart over the next few weeks.

With a shorter-term view on the daily time frame, we think that VN-Index might experience shaking and correcting pressure in the first few sessions of the week before recovering back to the end of the week. The system of our technical indicators is still supporting the uptrend of the market, especially when trend indicators have re-established upstarts. The index is expected to continue seeing difficulties at resistant level near 1,175-1,185 points in the first sessions of the week.

The market will likely form pulling movements with alternating increases and decreases below this resistance area to help create a cumulative price base for a few sessions before it is expected to continue to rise above the 1,200 point peak in the near future.

Vibrating pressure at the area of ​​1,180 points

(KB Securities Vietnam Company – KBSV)

VN-Index opened negatively at the beginning but recovered soon before struggling towards the end of Friday session. KBSV believes that the main uptrend of VN-Index is still preserved with the opportunity to conquer the old peak of 1,200. However, near resistance around 1.180 (+ -5) might still cause the index’s shaking pressure in short-term. Investors are recommended to maintain medium-term position and maybe combine partial trading, while balancing short-term positions when the index approaches near resistance.

Soon increase back

(Phu Gia Securities Company – PHS)

VN-Index had a slight decrease. The volume dropped to below 10 and 20 session average, meaning that selling pressure is not too strong. Not just that, the main trend in the short-term is still recovering, when the index closed above MA5 and MA5 cut MA20, showing signs of confirming current recovering trend, last drop might Only technical shake to reinforce the main trend to be more sustainable. Moreover, the MACD line turned up and stayed above Signal, showing buying signal, showing that the index might soon gain again and move up to challenge historic peak of 1,200 points.

HNX-Index had more positive movements. The index gained for the fourth consecutive session and closed above MA20, along with + DI cut above –DI, showing that recovering trend is still there and the index might move to challenge the top again. old around 245 points. In general, the market still kept recovering and the last drop might only be technical. Therefore, investors can consider taking advantage of shaking sessions to increase a small proportion of stocks with good fundamentals and attract strong cash flow.

Shaking could continue

(Saigon-Hanoi Securities Company – SHS)

Technical analysis viewpoint is that the elliott wave scenario established earlier with wave 3 ended when rising from 925 points to 1,200 points (fibonacci extension 161.8% wave 1) and correcting wave 4 also ended. ending with the target under the standard scenario is around 1,040 points (fibonacci retracement 38.2% wave 3) and the more negative scenario is around 990 points (fibonacci retracement 50% wave 3). In fact, the market fell slightly below the psychological support level of 1,000 points and then rebounded on January 29.

Because corrective wave 4 falls more strongly than the standard scenario, so wave 5 after that with the theoretical length of wave 1 ie about 250 points (from 650 points to 900 points), the market is still likely to surpassed the historic peak in 2021 with the target at around 1,250 points.

Liquidity in the next week will likely continue to improve to close to the 20-day average. The market’s trend is still in wave 5, so the possibility of an increase in the next week is considered higher. However, it can not rule out the shake that might continue in the first sessions because VN-Index ended the week around the resistance level of 1,170 points (the peak of the previous technical recovery). The nearest support level is around 1,120 points (MA20) and further around 1,110 points (MA50).

The tension will likely continue in the high price range and create a shake and differentiation

(Viet Capital Securities Company – VCSC)

Short-term technical signals continue to be maintained at Positive level for all stock indices. However, the old peak in January at 1,188 points for the VN30 and at 1420 points for the VNMidcap continues to be a strong resistance to the market.

It is forecasted that in the next session, maintaining a close above the MA3-day line of the stock indices may prompt a rally for the VN30 to retest the resistance at 1,188 points and the VN-Index to test the resistance. nearly 1,200 points. In this scenario, the tension might continue to take place at the high price range and create a shake, differentiation and even correction in the indices. Then, the VN-Index will test the nearest support, the MA3 line at 1,168 points; If it falls below this support, sellers will dominate again and increase the correcting pressure for the market. The stronger support levels created by MA5, MA10 of VN-Index are currently located at 1,125-1,145 points.

VN-Index will continue to shake or correct

(Rong Viet Securities Company – VDSC)

VN-Index struggled and hesitated. Technical indicators MACD still recovered after surpassing the signal line, and RSI hesitated. After a quick recovery to the 1175-point resistance zone, VN-Index started to be cautious with the short-term profit-taking pressure of this zone. In general, the index is still gaining and current signs are not negative but the index is not ready to surpass challenge. Maybe the VN-Index will continue to shake or adjust to have more time to test supply – demand.

The HNX-Index also struggled and hesitated. Technical indicators MACD recovered to its signal line, and RSI slowly recovered. After the rapid recovery, HNX-Index started to be cautious and tested supply – demand. This screening is likely to continue in the near future.

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