Dat Xanh Group promotes the development of “terrible” land funds, targets for breakthrough profits in 2021

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Currently, the group is negotiating to receive the transfer of 2 land funds with very potential locations, suitable for urban development with a total area of ​​about 1,050 hectares

(TCK) With good financial capacity and effective capital mobilization, DXG will promote land fund expansion, prioritizing projects with beautiful locations and clear legal status in order to prepare a breakthrough development strategy for the next period 2021 – 2030.

Divide 15% bonus shares for shareholders

The Board of Directors of Dat Xanh Group Joint Stock Company (stock code: DXG), has just approved the issuance of shares to increase charter capital from equity – bonus shares.

The rate of bonus share issuance is 15% of the company’s total outstanding shares, equivalent to about 77.7 million shares. The source of issuance from undistributed after-tax profit is based on the audited consolidated financial statements of 2020.

The right exercise ratio is 100:15, which means that each shareholder owning 1 share will be entitled to 1 right to receive newly issued shares and for every 100 rights will receive 15 newly issued shares. The implementation time is in the third quarter of 2021 after receiving the notice of receipt of sufficient documents to issue shares to increase capital from equity from the State Securities Commission.

The representative of Dat Xanh said that with the positive movement of the stock, the market price of DXG has increased by more than 56% since the beginning of 2021 until now, the liquidity is better each session with the average volume of 24 million shares matched. With high potential for price appreciation in the near future, the bonus share distribution will bring great value to shareholders.

In addition, the resolution also approved some important contents in the issuance of ESOP shares in 2021. Specifically, Dat Xanh will issue 7 million ESOP shares to employees, par value 10,000 VND/ share. This is a form that many businesses are applying to encourage and motivate employees to develop their capacity and stick with the process of building and developing the business.

The term of ESOP shares transfer is 2 years from the time of issuance, the total value of issuance at par value is 70 billion VND. In case the employee quits before the end of the 2-year transfer restriction period, the period applicable to the acquirer in this case is 4 years.

Mobilizing capital, promoting the expansion of the land fund with beautiful location, clear legality

As for the private placement of shares, in the recent shareholder meeting report, Dat Xanh is expected to issue 200 million shares, equivalent to 38.59% of the number of outstanding shares to raise capital, serving production and business of the company.

Issuers are professional domestic and foreign securities investors with strong financial potential. The General Meeting of Shareholders authorizes the Board of Directors to develop criteria for selecting investors and principles for distributing shares to investors so as to ensure the provisions of law and ensure the highest benefits for shareholders.

The proposed issue price authorizes the Board of Directors to determine the specific issue price at the time of issuance. In principle, the issue price is determined to be the discounted price of 10 – 15% of the average closing price of DXG shares in the last 20 trading days before the time the Board of Directors decides the specific issue price, but not less than 20,000 VND/share.

The private placement plan will be conducted after the completion of the 15% bonus share distribution plan, so the issue price will be based on the price after the bonus distribution, in order to ensure maximum benefits for the domestic and foreign shareholders.

Putting the expansion of the land bank as a through-through strategy, DXG will promote the expansion of the land fund, in which priority will be given to real estate projects with good locations, complete premises, and complete legality to prepare for the strategy. development period 2021 – 2030 of the group.

Currently, the group is negotiating to receive the transfer of two land funds with very potential locations, suitable for urban development with a total area of about 1,050 hectares. The total investment value of these two projects is more than 20,000 billion VND.

In 2021, Dat Xanh sets a target of net revenue of VND 9,000 billion and profit after tax of VND 1,350 billion, up 311% and 372% respectively compared to 2020.

Source: tinnhanhchungkhoan.vn – Translated by fintel.vn