Derivative securities assessment on September 25: Retesting the peak area of 858 points, potential risk of decline

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According to derivative securities on September 25th of securities companies, the current situation is latent distribution process, but there are not enough signals to conclude that the VN30’s rally has ended.

The derivative stock market on September 24 saw negative movements with the fall in the price of futures contracts (futures contracts).

Accordingly, the VN30F2010 contract closed down 0.12% to 853.1 points. Two contracts, VN30F2011 and VN30F2012, closed at 851.7 points and 850 points, respectively with 0.22% and 0.24% decrease rates. Moving in the same direction, the VN30F2103 contract fell 0.26% to 843.8 points.

Nhận định chứng khoán phái sinh phiên 25/9: Kiểm tra lại vùng đỉnh 858 điểm, tiềm ẩn rủi ro suy giảm - Ảnh 1.

Liquidity on the derivative stock market September 23 session. Source: VDSC

Regarding liquidity, trading volume VN30F2010 (110,306 contracts), VN30F2011 (201 contracts), VN30F2012 (77 contracts) and VN30F2103 (337 contracts).

According to statistics, the total trading volume reached 110,921 contracts, corresponding to the nominal transaction value of nearly 9,444 billion VND.

The VN30 continued to be cautious, closing down 0.59% to 853.21 points. Technical indicators RSI continued to step back before the peak of 73.

This shows that although it is in a short-term recovery phase, the VN30 still shows cautiousness and alternates increasing / decreasing sessions in a low range.

The corrective move today has not shown a large negative impact but shows an increasing risk. The current movement is latent in the distribution process, but temporarily there are not enough signals to conclude that the uptrend of the VN30 has ended.

Forecast of derivative securities trading session on September 25:

Viet Dragon Securities (VDS)

VN30F2010 contract has a chance to recover to retest the peak area of 858 points, but the current situation is potentially risky. Therefore, investors can consider opening a Long position at the balance zone 851 – 852 points, cut loss below 848 and take profit expectation at 857 – 858.

Nhận định chứng khoán phái sinh phiên 25/9: Kiểm tra lại vùng đỉnh 858 điểm, tiềm ẩn rủi ro suy giảm - Ảnh 2.

Source: Rong Viet Securities

KIS Vietnam Securities

VN30F2010 activity remained fluctuated in a narrow range with the upper and lower limits at 855 and 845 points, respectively. Besides, MA20 tended to move sideways and MA50 continued moving upwards, accumulation period is confirmed.

Notably, the MA50 and MA200 moved upwards and separated each other at a stable level, which indicated a sustainable uptrend.

In this case, the breakout strategy will be very risky. Investors should Buy (Long) VN30F2010 contract at 840 points, target at 865 and stop loss at 830.

BIDV Securities (BSC)

The energy contracts all fell in the same direction with the base index. In terms of trading volume, except for VN30F2103 contract, all contracts decreased. In terms of open position, VN30F2010 and VN30F2011 contract decrease while VN30F2012 and VN30F2103 contract have the opposite trend.

This signals a short-term correction. Investors can consider short sessions with the target price around 835 points for long term contracts.

Investors should only consider comments of securities companies as a source of reference information. Securities companies all recommend disclaimer for the above judgment.

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