Smart cash flow February 19: individual investors continued to net sell at 579 billion dong, actively taking profits at the beginning of the year

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In the last session, individual investors continued to net sell at 579 billion dong, in the same direction, there were proprietary traders with a net selling value of 150 billion dong. Meanwhile, foreign investors and domestic institutional investors were net buyers in the last session.

Individual investors actively took profit at the beginning of the year

After shaking minutes at the beginning of the morning session, the market suddenly gained strongly in ATC. Real estate and oil and gas stocks played a leading role in the index.

At the end of the session, the VN-Index increased by 18.6 points (1.61%) to 1,174.38 points, the HNX-Index increased by 0.17% to 230.96 points, and the UPCoM-Index fell 0.51% to 75.35 points. .

Notably, individual investors “diligently” took profit of 579 billion yesterday, of which 586 billion was net sold via matching order. The codes with the largest net sales by individual investors were HPG (215 billion), VHM (127 billion), VRE (77 billion), MSN (69 billion) for foreign investors, and MWG (65 billion) for the group. domestic function.

On the net buying side, they bought the most on FLC (119 billion) from domestic organizations, DIG (34 billion), STB (29 billion) from foreign and domestic organizations, and DXG (23 billion) from proprietary and foreign.

In contrast, domestic investors were net buyers and focused on retail groups, electricity, water and gas, and banking. They net bought a total of 111 billion dong, of which 120 billion dong was matched. This group bought the most of MWG, GAS, GMD, VIC and MSN through matching order.

The self-trading group net sold 150 billion dong, the market continued to prosper

Statistics on proprietary trading of securities companies in the last session (February 18), the total net sale value reached 150 billion VND and the volume of 7.8 million units. Regarding the put-through transaction, self-dealing net sold fund certificates of FUEVFVND (101 billion) and FUESSVFL (52 billion) to foreign countries.

Dòng tiền thông minh 19/2: NĐT cá nhân tiếp tục bán ròng 579 tỷ đồng, ‘miệt mài’ chốt lãi đầu năm - Ảnh 1.

Source: Thu Thao compiled.

In stock trading, proprietary investors focused on net selling GAS (31 billion dong), followed by DXG (11 billion dong) and IJC (10 billion dong). Besides, under pressure from this block, there were shares of VJC (9 billion dong), MWGW (8.7 billion dong), HPG (7.3 billion dong), VPB and VIC.

In the opposite situation, the proprietary sector poured capital into OCB shares (12 billion dong), followed by FPT (11 billion dong). In addition, codes recording a net buying value of less than 10 billion dong included PNJ (8.5 billion dong), TCB (8 billion dong), and VHM (8 billion dong) …

Foreign investors collected nearly 620 billion dong on HOSE, focusing on HPG

On the contrary, foreign investors continued to net buy 587 billion dong yesterday, of which 467 billion dong was net bought via matching order. In which, on HOSE, foreign investors net bought more than 618.5 billion dong with the volume of 9.5 million shares. In contrast, the HNX and the UPCoM market respectively recorded a net selling value of 18 billion and 2 billion.

HPG shares of Hoa Phat Group led the net buying side with the value of 219.5 billion dong. Following that, foreign investors poured more than a hundred billion dong of capital into fund certificates FUEVFVND (112.3 billion dong), VHM (109.1 billion dong), VRE (67 billion dong), VCB (56.1 billion dong), and MSN (55.7 billion VND) and fund certificates FUESSVFL (51.8 billion VND).

On the net selling side, VNM shares recorded the highest value of 113.1 billion dong. Besides, foreign investors also withdrew capital from CTG (24.1 billion dong), HT1 (17.6 billion dong) and STB (12.2 billion dong).

Besides, other codes saw a net selling during the session like BMP (9.7 billion dong), AGG (9.2 billion dong), VHC (8.2 billion dong), and PC1 (7.8 billion dong), outside there were also CRE (7.7 billion VND) and PVT (5.7 billion VND).

PENM III Germany Fund registered to sell nearly 7.1 million HPG shares

Dòng tiền thông minh 19/2: NĐT cá nhân tiếp tục bán ròng 579 tỷ đồng, ‘miệt mài’ chốt lãi đầu năm - Ảnh 2.

Source: Thu Thao compiled.

Notably, PENM III Germany GmbH & Co. KG has just announced that it wants to sell 7.1 million HPG shares of Hoa Phat Group from February 23 to March 22 to restructure its investment portfolio.

If the transaction is successful, this fund will no longer hold any HPG shares and will no longer be a shareholder of the company.

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