Foreign investors ended 6 consecutive net selling months on HoSE with sudden put-through transactions

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The stock market in April fluctuated in a positive direction for the VN-Index when it surpassed the historical peak of 1,204.33 points on April 9, 2018. Immediately after breaking the old peak, the VN-Index continuously broke out and reached a peak of 1,268.28 points on April 20, then corrected significantly. Meanwhile, HNX-Index and UPCoM fluctuated negatively and declined in April.

At the end of the last session of April, the VN-Index stood at 1,239.39 points, equivalent to an increase of 47.95 points (4.02%) compared to the end of March. Meanwhile, the HNX-Index decreased. 4.91 points (-1.71%) to 281.76 points. UPCoM-Index slightly decreased 0.73 points (-0.9%) to 80.68 points.

The remarkable point of the market in April was that the foreign investors’ buying ended the chain of 6 consecutive months of net selling on HoSE. For all 3 exchanges, foreign investors bought 800 million shares, worth 38,070 billion VND, while sold 808 million shares, worth 37,796 billion VND. The total net selling volume was at 7.6 million shares, but in value terms, the net buying of foreign capital returned to 274 billion dong.

On HoSE, foreign investors net bought back 71.4 billion dong but still net sold 4.3 million shares in terms of volume. However, the foreign capital flow on HoSE still net sold up to 4,286 billion dong through matching order, so this is also a point that worries investors because this trading method directly affects stock price fluctuation.

There were 3 shares that were net sold over 1,000 billion dong in April, namely VPB, CTG and VNM, of which, VPB was sold the most with 1,640 billion dong. CTG and VNM were net sold 1,600 billion and 1,372 billion dong, respectively. Stocks such as GAS, BID, KDH, PLX … were also sold strongly.

On the other side, VIC was bought the most with 1,129 billion dong. VHM was behind and was net bought 1,050 billion dong. If only matching transactions, VHM was sold more than 1,124 billion dong. NVL and STB were net bought respectively 783 billion and 762 billion.

HDB is in the list of 10 stocks with the highest net buying by foreign investors with 288 billion VND. Recently, Fubon FTSE Vietnam ETF fund with a scale of more than 270 million USD (equivalent to more than 6200 billion VND), has continuously bought into HDB.

Previously, investment fund from Europe PYN Elite Fund also increased the proportion of investment in HDB, bringing this stock into the top 3 largest investments. Speaking at HDBank’s online shareholder meeting on April 23, Mr. Petri Derying congratulated HDbank on a successful 2020 year, and expressed confidence in the prospects of the bank and Vietnam. Also at the AGM, representatives of two strategic investors, DEG and Affinity, expressed a long-term commitment and appreciated HDBank’s governance capacity, growth potential and performance.

On the HNX, foreign investors also returned a net buying of 209 billion dong, similar to that on HoSE, foreign capital on HNX net sold 1.7 billion dong in terms of volume.

Foreign investors on the HNX saw the strongest net buying of VND with the value of 263 billion VND, far ahead of the code behind THD with 51 billion VND. On the other side, PVS was sold the most on HNX with 40 billion dong. APS and NRC were net sold at 29.4 billion and 16 billion dong, respectively.

On UPCoM, foreign investors net sold more than 6 billion dong, equivalent to a net selling volume of 1.6 million shares.

ABR was bought the most by UPCoM with 61 billion dong. ACV and MCH were net bought at 52 billion and 43.7 billion dong, respectively. On the other side, VTP was sold a lot by foreign investors with a value of 176 billion dong. BSR and VEA were net sold 37 billion and 36.3 billion dong, respectively.

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