Foreign investors saw a net selling of over 570 billion dong on HOSE, VN-Index recovered

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Trading statistics on October 30th, foreign investors maintained net selling momentum on HOSE with a value of 573 billion dong, but reversed to net buy more than 8 billion dong on HNX and UPCoM. This is the 25th consecutive net selling session of this sector.

Buying force increased in ATC session made stock market suddenly reversed and gained. At the end of the session, the VN-Index increased by 6.39 points (0.7%) to 925.47 points, the HNX-Index increased by 0.72% to 135.34 points, the UPCoM-Index increased by 0.18% to 62.85 points. . Despite the slowdown of the market, foreign investors remained net sellers.

On HOSE, foreign investors maintained the net selling momentum of 572.9 billion VND with the volume of 15.9 million units, which focused on trading shares with the value of 567.4 billion VND.

Khối ngoại bán ròng hơn 570 tỉ đồng trên HOSE phiên VN-Index hồi phục - Ảnh 1.

Source: LG compiled

Top 10 stocks with high net buying value, foreign investors focused on DXG (21.3 billion VND) and VPB (16.9 billion VND).

On the other hand, the stocks that recorded a net buying value of less than 10 billion dong included SBT (8.4 billion dong), GVR (8.4 billion dong), SSI (6.2 billion dong), and VHM (6.2 billion dong).

Some other stocks reached the top net buying session such as DCM, IMP, CTG and CVT with value not exceeding 5 billion dong. Most stocks in top net buying closed with gain, except for two tickers VHM and CTG ended the session in red and SSI stood still at reference price.

Khối ngoại bán ròng hơn 570 tỉ đồng trên HOSE phiên VN-Index hồi phục - Ảnh 2.

Source: LG compiled

Top 10 stocks were net sold by foreign investors during the session, MSN continued to lead with the value of 229.4 billion dong. Following that, foreign investors withdrew under 100 billion dong of VNM (82.7 billion dong), HPG (38.6 billion dong), VRE (29.8 billion dong) and KDH (29.5 billion dong).

Foreign capital flow during the session also net withdrawn from codes like POW (24.5 billion dong), VJC (22.5 billion dong), GAS (19.4 billion dong), in addition to PLX (15 billion dong) and HDB (13.9 billion VND).

In contrast, on the HNX, foreign investors net bought more than 1 billion dong but net sold 200,157 shares.

In which, foreign investors focused on withdrawing capital from SD9 (VND 2.2 billion), BVS (VND 1.1 billion) and VCG (VND 1.1 billion). On the other hand, codes recording net selling value also included SLS (421 million dong), AMV (420 million dong), PVI (247 million dong).

On the net buying side, foreign investors mainly gathered two shares of SHB (3.1 billion dong) and SHS (2.2 billion dong). Cash flow during the session also looked to codes like CDN, VCS, NTP with lower value.

UPCoM market recorded a net buying value of more than 7.1 billion and a volume of 33,577 shares.

Leading the net buying side was VTP shares with a value of over 6 billion dong, followed by MCH (2.2 billion dong). Besides, stocks that recorded a net buying value of less than 1 billion dong such as SPC, ADP, ABI.

On the other side, UPCoM market did not recognize any stocks with net selling value exceeding 1 billion VND. Accordingly, foreign investors put pressure on ACV (VND 592 million), QNS (VND 507 million), VGG (VND 286 million).

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