Foreign investors turned to a net buying of 23 billion dong in the week of September 21-25, gathering VCB, PLX and VRE

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The stock market continued to increase during the week from August 21-25 with better liquidity. At the end of the trading week, VN-Index increased by 7.32 points (0.8%) compared to the previous week to 908.27 points; The HNX-Index increased by 2,321 points (1.8%) to 131.52 points. UPCoM-Index also increased by 0.7 points (1.16%) to 61.29 points.

The most remarkable point in the past week was the return of foreign investors. Specifically, foreign capital inflow bought 98.9 million shares, worth 2.715 billion VND while selling 99 million shares, worth 2.692 billion VND. The total net selling volume was 221,833 shares, but in terms of value, they net bought nearly 23 billion dong.


On HoSE, foreign investors net bought back nearly 56 billion dong, equivalent to a net buying volume of 1.3 million shares. However, the put-through transaction also significantly contributed to the net buying of foreign investors on HoSE. If excluding from put-through transactions, foreign investors on this exchange net sold 177 billion dong.


VCB took the lead in the net buying value of foreign investors with 147 billion dong. Following that, PLX also saw a net buying of 125 billion dong, of which 99 billion dong was for put-through transactions. VRE ranked third in net buying value with 107.5 billion dong. Two fund certificates (CCQ) domestic ETF FUEVFVND and FUESSVFL (VN DIAMOND and VNFIN LEAD) were bought strongly with 93.8 billion VND and 72 billion VND respectively and mainly through agreement. Among these two fund certificates was SSI with a net buying value of 87 billion dong.

On the other side, HPG was strongly net sold by foreign investors with the value of 147 billion dong. VHM is also behind with 145.6 billion dong. GAS and BID were net sold at 46 billion and 40 billion dong, respectively.


On the HNX, foreign investors continued to net sell more than 40 billion dong (down 43% from the previous week), corresponding to a net selling volume of 1 million shares.


Foreign investors on HNX focused on buying TIG with more than 3.6 billion dong, this is also the only stock on HNX with net buying value of more than 1 billion dong. On the other side, PMC topped the list of net selling with 25 billion dong. TNG and VCS were behind but with value of only 5 billion and 4.6 billion, respectively.

On UPCoM, foreign investors saw a slight net buying of 7 billion dong, but in terms of volume, they still net sold 507,088 shares.


ACV was bought the most on UPCoM with 17.7 billion dong. VTP and MCH ranked second and third with value of VND 7.3 billion and VND 6.8 billion, respectively. Meanwhile, VGG was sold the most with more than 19.5 billion dong. VEA and LPB were net sold 9.7 billion and 5.4 billion, respectively.

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