Foreign investors turned to a net selling of VN-Index and lost nearly 23 points, increasing the dropping pressure on the market

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Trading statistics on June 29, cash flow focused on withdrawing from blue-chips. Accordingly, the net selling value of the whole market reached nearly VND 150 billion.

Closing the first trading session of the week, VN-Index closed down 22.62 points (2.65%) to 829.36 points; HNX-Index decreased by 2.76% to 110.32 points and UPCoM-Index decreased by 1.59% to 55.51 points.

Trading statistics on HOSE, foreign capital flow continued to withdraw more than 147 billion dong with volume of more than 4.8 million units. In particular, foreign investors net sold more than 168 billion VND but net bought 21 billion VND in ETF certificates.

Khối ngoại đảo chiều bán ròng, gia tăng áp lực giảm điểm lên thị trường - Ảnh 1.

Source: Thu Thao

Top10 codes were sold by this block, led by VNM with the value of 66.08 billion dong, followed by SSI (36.05 billion dong), VIC (19.53 billion dong). In addition, foreign investors net sold HSG and HDB shares of VND 13.89 billion and VND 12.4 billion, respectively.

In the same direction, foreign investors withdrew capital from BID (12.12 billion dong), VRE (10.57 billion dong), VJC (10.33 billion dong), and also MSN (7.87 billion dong). VND) and CII (VND 7.54 billion).

Under the pressure of foreign investors, all stocks in the top of net selling ended in the red.

Khối ngoại đảo chiều bán ròng, gia tăng áp lực giảm điểm lên thị trường - Ảnh 2.

Source: Thu Thao

In contrast, Top10 codes were net buyers, foreign investors focused on collecting VHM shares with the value of 25.44 billion dong. Next, the cash flow came to FUEVFVND fund certificates (VND 25.2 billion) and GEX shares (VND 20.1 billion).

Besides, foreign investors net bought less than 10 billion shares of HPG (6.57 billion VND), HBC (4.56 billion VND), BMP (4.51 billion VND) and TLG (4.41 billion VND), in addition to DPM, AST, CTG.

On the HNX, foreign investors net sold 3.2 billion dong and volume of 170,918 shares. In particular, foreign investors mainly sold VCG shares (VND 1.3 billion), followed by SHS (VND 1.2 billion). Some other codes saw a net selling value during the session such as HAD, PVS, PSD, but none saw a value of over 1 billion dong.

On the other side, they bought a lot of VCS (287 million dong) and ART (275 million dong), in addition, IDV, MBG, PMC.

In the UPCoM market, foreign investors net bought 1.8 billion dong with the trading volume of 21,662 units.

Accordingly, the leading stock in net buying side was BCM (2.2 billion dong), followed by VTP (1.9 billion dong). Foreigners also poured less than 1 billion dong as BSR, ABI, QNS, VGI

On the contrary, foreign investors net sold from VLC (1.5 billion dong) and ACV (1.3 billion dong). In addition, cash flow withdrawn from HND, BDG, LPB shares