Foreign investors withdrew more than 86 billion dong in session 7/4, CTG and VNM were still sold strongly

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VN-Index closed session 7/4 up 2.42 points (0.2%) to 1,242.38 points, this is also the 8th consecutive gaining session of this index. The HNX-Index increased by 1.16 points (0.4%) to 292.84 points. UPCoM-Index decreased 0.04 points (-0.05%) to 82.56 points.

Foreign investors saw a negative trade when they bought 34.7 million shares, worth 1,398 billion VND, while sold out 35.9 million shares, worth 1,485 billion VND. The total net selling volume was 1.25 million shares, equivalent to a net selling value of 86.3 billion dong.

On the HoSE, foreign investors boosted their net sale of 57.7 billion dong, 15.6 times higher than the previous session, equivalent to a net selling volume of 100,900 shares.


CTG was still the stock with the strongest net selling by foreign investors with 182 billion dong. Following that, VNM also saw a net selling of 90.7 billion dong. GAS and VPB were net sold 45 billion and 30 billion dong, respectively. On the other side, FUEVFVND was bought the most with 94.2 billion dong. VRE and MBB were net bought respectively 63 billion and 40 billion.

On the HNX, foreign investors had the third net selling session in a row with the value dropping 44% from the previous session and at over 26 billion dong, equivalent to the volume of more than 1 million shares.


PVS was sold the most by foreign investors on HNX with the value of 12.6 billion dong. APS was behind and saw a net selling of 4.3 billion dong. On the other side, ACM was bought the most on this exchange with 1.2 billion dong. SHB also saw a net buying of over 1 billion dong.

On UPCoM, foreign investors net sold more than 2.4 billion dong, equivalent to a net selling volume of 93,605 shares.


ACV was bought the most on UPCoM with 4.3 billion dong. MML and SIP were net bought 2 billion and 1.15 billion dong respectively. Meanwhile, VTP was sold the most with 6.9 billion dong. VEA also saw a net selling of 3.6 billion dong.

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