Foreign investors withdrew nearly 2,300 billion VND in week 12-16 / 4, strongly sold blue-chips

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Foreign investors turned to a net selling of 2,465 billion dong on HoSE after 2 consecutive net buying weeks. Foreign investors net bought back more than 231 billion dong on the HNX and mainly gathered VND.

The VN-Index increased slightly for the third consecutive week with 7.05 points (+ 0.6%) to 1,238.71 points. Meanwhile, the HNX-Index decreased by 0.68 points (-0.2%) to 293.11 points. UPCoM-Index also decreased 1.22 points (-1.47%) to 81.79 points.

The negative point of the market in the trading week from April 12 to 16 was the strong return of foreign investors to net selling. Specifically, this capital inflow bought 182.7 million shares, worth VND8,232 billion, while sold out 226 million shares, worth VND 10,517 billion. The total net selling volume was at 43.2 million shares, equivalent to a net selling value of 2,285 billion dong.

On HoSE, foreign investors net sold again to 2,465 billion VND after 2 weeks of net buying, corresponding to a net selling volume of 44.6 million shares.

VHM was sold strongly by foreign investors with a value of up to 1,100 billion dong. The second place on the list of net sellers of foreign investors on HoSE was VNM with 392 billion dong. CTG and GAS were net sold at 331 billion and 244 billion dong, respectively. Other pillar stocks such as HPG, BID, VPB … were on the list of strong net selling by foreign investors. Notably, the internal ETF fund certificate E1VFVN30 was unexpectedly net sold by foreign investors by VND 151 billion. Meanwhile, NVL topped the net buying list of foreign investors with VND 405 billion. VIC was behind with the net buying value of 357 billion dong. Two other domestic ETF fund certificates, FUESSVFL and FUEVFVND, were strongly net bought by foreign investors with VND 227 billion and 114 billion respectively.

On the HNX, foreign investors net bought back more than 231 billion dong, equivalent to a net buying volume of 3.5 million shares.

Foreign investors suddenly saw a sudden net buying of 268 billion dong, far behind VCS with only 7.5 billion dong. On the other side, APS was sold the most with 14.7 billion dong. SHS and PVS were net sold at 7.8 billion and 5.2 billion dong, respectively.

On UPCoM, foreign investors net sold again at 51.5 billion dong, equivalent to a volume of 2.1 million shares.

QNS topped the net buying list of foreign investors on UPCoM with 24 billion dong. MCH is behind with net buying value also at nearly 22 billion dong. Meanwhile, VTP was sold the most on this exchange with nearly 61 billion dong. BSR and ACV were net sold at 24.4 billion and 14 billion dong, respectively.

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