Foreigners were net sellers on HoSE on April 8, VRE was gathered strongly

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Foreigners were net sellers for the 3rd consecutive session on HoSE, but the value was only 10.8 billion dong.

VRE was bought the most with 72 billion dong.

BID was sold the most with 37.5 billion dong.

At the end of the session on April 8, the VN-Index fell 7.49 points (-0.6%) to 1,234.89 points. The HNX-Index increased by 0.91 points (0.31%) to 293.75 points. UPCoM-Index increased 0.51 points (0.62%) to 83.07 points.

Foreign investors’ trade was not too negative when they bought 29.2 million shares, worth 1,187 billion VND, while selling 27.9 million shares, worth 1,165.7 billion VND. The total net buying volume was at 1.2 million shares, equivalent to a net buying value of 21.7 billion dong.

On HoSE, foreign investors reduced their net selling value from 81.4% to 10.8 billion dong compared to the previous session. However, in terms of volume, they net bought 179,000 shares.

Foreign investors on HoSE saw the highest net buying of VRE with 72 billion dong. NVL and HPG were net bought 35 billion and 26.6 billion dong, respectively. Meanwhile, BID rose to the top of the list of net selling of foreign investors with 37.5 billion dong. VNM and KDH were net sold at 30.2 billion and 30 billion dong, respectively.

On the HNX, foreign investors net bought back 27.7 billion dong, equivalent to a net buying volume of 927,909 million shares.

VND was at the top of the net buying list of foreign investors on the HNX with the value of 19.2 billion VND. SHS was behind with the net buying value of 10.2 billion dong. On the other side, CVN was sold the most with 1.4 billion dong, this was also the only ticker on the HNX with net selling value of over 1 billion dong.

On UPCoM, foreign investors also net bought 4.7 billion dong, equivalent to a net buying volume of 138,167 shares.

QNS was bought the most by UPCoM foreign investors with the highest net buying value of 8.3 billion dong. SIP and HPP were net bought respectively 3.2 billion and 2.6 billion. On the other side, VTP was sold the most with 6.3 billion dong. ACV also saw a net selling of over 3.39 billion dong.

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