SJC gold price continued to surpass the peak, VN-Index increased by nearly 12 points

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At the same time in Hanoi, Bao Tin Minh Chau Company also increased the price of SJC 300,000 VND and VND 390,000 to sell VND 50.35 million and VND 50.62 million respectively. On the world market, gold price has exceeded the 9-year peak to more than 1,800 USD / ounce. This is the first time since 2011 that the price of gold has risen above the 1,800 USD / ounce threshold because investors are cautious about securities and the Covid-19 pandemic has had many complicated developments.

The liquidity of Vietnam’s stock market in the trading session on July 9 increased by more than 20%, dragging the VN-Index up sharply. In which, banking codes attracted strong cash flow like HDB by 4.4%; VPB increased by 4.3%; TCB increased by 4.2% In addition, the main motive for the index to gain a high score was SAB continued to increase 6.2% to 205,000 VND / CP, making the VN-Index up nearly 12 points. Closing the session, the VN-Index increased by 11.96 points to 876.46 points with 288 gainers, 92 losers and 51 unchanged stocks. At the close, on HNX, HNX-Index increased by 1.79 points to 116.16 points with 95 gainers, 205 unchanged and 57 losers. The liquidity of the market increased by 22.5% compared to the previous session, to more than VND 6,000 billion.