Gold price set a new peak, approaching 59 million dong / tael

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The price of gold recorded at 8:45 am at the major gold and silver business establishments all set a new peak.

In particular, SJC Gemstone Jewelry Company currently lists the buying and selling price at VND 57.5 and 58.7 million / tael, away from the old peak of VND 58.1 million of the sold set in morning session 28/7.

At the same time, SJC gold price was also bought by Phu Quy at 57.41 million dong / tael and sold at 58.69 million dong / tael, up 670,000 dong / tael on the buying side and 690,000 dong / tael in the afternoon.

Doji Group also raised the retail price to 58.3 to 58.4 million dong / tael and the purchase price to 57.1 million dong / tael, about 600,000 dong / tael higher than late afternoon price.

At the same time, prices in Bao Tin Minh Chau also increased to 58.65 million VND / selling and 57.4 million VND / purchase. This price difference is about 1 million VND / tael compared to the end of yesterday.

Gold prices soared, setting new peaks. Photo: Reuters

Thus, the domestic gold price in this morning had a strong fluctuation after about a week leveling off around VND 57.8 million / tael on the selling side and about VND 56.5 million on the buying side. The difference between buying and selling in the country now ranges from 1.1 to 1.25 million dong / tael.

The spot gold price on the world market also surpassed the resistance level of 2,000 USD / ounce, reaching 2,013.2 USD / ounce in the environment of extremely low interest rates and expectations of the next stimulus package from the US government push demand for safe property purchases. This price is about 30% higher than in early 2020.

World gold price converted into USD at Vietcombank is about 56.48 million VND / tael, lower than the domestic price of about 2 million VND / tael.