How are ETFs traded during the portfolio restructuring period of VN30 and VNFin Lead indexes?

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The Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HoSE) announced the list of component stocks, the index’s circulating volume, the free-float ratio and the cap weighting of the HoSE-Index and VNFin Lead indexes.

For the VN30 portfolio, ACB, GVR and SAB are the 3 added stocks while SBT, REE and TCH are excluded. This result was predicted by many securities companies before. Currently, there are 3 ETFs using the index as a reference including VFM VN30, SSIAM VN30, Mirae Asset VN30, with an estimated total assets of VND 10,253 billion (as of July 18). Funds will need to complete their portfolio structure by July 30.

According to the SSI Research Center for Securities Analysis, ACB is the most purchased stock by funds with a volume of 19.1 million shares, besides VIC, VHM, VRE, SAB and GVR are the stocks purchased, while all the remaining stocks will reduce the proportion to balance the portfolio. In particular, due to being excluded from the VN30 portfolio, three TCH, SBT and REE shares are expected to be sold 2 million shares, 1.97 million shares and 1.27 million shares, respectively.

For VNFin Lead index, 6 stocks including ACB, LPB, MSB, SSB, OCB and VIB were added to the portfolio while HCM was eliminated. The new index portfolio will have 19 stocks, including 16 banking stocks, 2 securities stocks and one insurance stock. Currently, SSIAM VNFinLead ETF with total assets of VND 2,727 billion is a fund simulating this index. SSI Research forecasts that the stocks that are bought the most by the SSIAM VNFinLead ETF are ACB (12 million shares), LPB (3.7 million shares), MSB (2.2 million shares), OCB (1.1 million shares). shares), SSB (1  million shares), otherwise HCM will be sold with a volume of 560,000 shares.

Meanwhile, VNDiamond, VNFin Select and VNX-Index will only update the data and recalculate the portfolio weight.

For VNDiamond, currently, the VFMVN Diamond ETF with a scale of over VND13,330 billion is using this index as a reference index. SSI Research forecasts that PNJ, GMD, NLG, REE, MSB… will be weighted stocks. Meanwhile, this fund will sell stocks such as FPT, TCB, ACB, CTG.

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