Hung Yen established Minh Khai industrial cluster over 52 hectares

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The People’s Committee of Hung Yen has just issued a decision to establish Minh Khai industrial cluster in Nhu Quynh town and Lac Dao commune, Van Lam district.

According to the decision of Hung Yen People’s Committee, the industrial cluster will be implemented on the land area of 53.2 ha, of which the North and the South borders the planned road 28 m wide, the East borders the planned road 23 m, the West borders on the planned 28 m wide road and residential area of Minh Khai village.

The main activities of the industrial cluster are electronics manufacturing, garment industry, automobile mechanics, hi-tech packaging, clean industries that do not cause environmental pollution.

The investor of the project is Minh Khai Industrial Cluster Infrastructure Development JSC, based at Km 17, National Road 5, Nhu Quynh town, Van Lam district.

The total project investment capital is VND 492 billion, of which the investor’s own capital is VND 80 billion, the rest is mobilized from other lawful sources.

Regarding the progress, according to Hung Yen People’s Committee, from the second quarter of this year to the end of the fourth quarter / 2022, the investor will carry out the project investment preparation stage. The implementation of the investment will be implemented from Quarter I / 2021 to Quarter III / 2023. By the fourth quarter of 2023, the project will be put into operation.