Big profit in 2020, SFI advances 10% cash dividend

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Transportation Agency SAFI (HoSE: SFI) announced to close the list of shareholders on March 25 to attend the 2021 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and advance 202020 cash dividends.

The dividend advance rate is 10% (1 share will receive 1,000 dong). With nearly 13.4 million shares outstanding, the amount spent in this phase is nearly 13.4 billion. Distribution from undistributed net profit in the semi-annual review report 2020.

Last year, SFI recorded a 44% increase in net sales to VND 1,220 billion. Profit after tax increased by 81%, reaching a record of more than VND 81 billion. Earnings per share reached 6,073 VND. During the year-end period the shipping company benefited greatly when international air freight volumes and freight rates increased, financial revenue and provision reversals increased.

On the market, SFI shares are trading around the price range of 40,000 dong / share, approximately the peak of 41,000 dong / share, established on February 22.

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