Many agricultural products supply is exceeding demand

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Some vegetable products such as purple sweet potato and pineapple saw a sudden increase in registered output, while the supply of cucumbers exceeded demand. In the fruit group, longan is in season, the supply of up to 700 tons/day is facing many difficulties in consumption, especially the yellow rice longan is over-aged and falls a lot; The temporary Ido label remains on the tree.

“It is forecast that in the coming days, cucumbers, labels, pineapples, lemons, sweet potatoes, white feathered chickens, crabs and saltwater shrimps are over-supplying. Most provinces and cities have temporarily completed the data update system of agricultural supply clues. Many localities form points to sell necessities to people, meeting epidemic prevention measures”, said a representative of the working group.

The ability to supply agricultural products of the provinces is very large. According to preliminary estimates, the group of vegetables is about 1,500 tons/day, fruits more than 1,200 tons/day, seafood 111 tons/day, meat and poultry 114 tons/day… and will continue to increase in the coming time. The working group continues to update the list of suppliers.

In order to avoid breaking the agricultural supply chain, Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Phung Duc Tien sent a written request to localities to proactively review the production plan and consize the list of agricultural supplies in the conditions of the Covid-19 epidemic. Specifically, the People’s Committee of provinces and cities needs to review the situation and plans for production of agricultural products in the area to have specific and appropriate plans for crops, livestock and aquatic products to ensure the promotion of production.

For agricultural products in the harvest season, it is necessary to mobilize forces to participate in harvesting, transporting and consuming, absolutely not to disrupt the supply chains of agricultural products and goods in order to ensure stable source of agricultural products. supply food and food for people, especially in localities that are implementing distance according to Directive 16.

Agricultural products are purchased to support gardeners to sell at a stable price to consumers in Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: NGOC ANH

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development proposes to regularly review and update the list of agricultural supplies (including raw materials, materials, materials, equipment, medicines, veterinary vaccines …) for livestock production, aquaculture, cultivation, forestry and agricultural processing, animal disease prevention and control. , plant and animal quarantine, slaughter control, veterinary hygiene inspection, food safety. It is necessary to be flexible to create the most favorable conditions for people and means of transport of agricultural supplies for the production and processing of agricultural products.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development also noted that localities need to create favorable conditions in the production, transportation and consumption of products of establishments with closed production chains, meeting export requirements such as: Masan, Japfa , CP …, ensuring the timely supply of essential food items for the people.

Also related to the output for agricultural products in the Mekong Delta, the retail systems in Ho Chi Minh City said that they have received many documents requesting support for the consumption of agricultural products from the Department of Industry and Trade in many provinces and cities in this region. . The retail systems are planning to increase the volume of purchasing and consuming these items.

“The spirit is that during the time when many provinces and cities are implementing Directive 16, transportation is still limited locally, business organization is also in unusual conditions, so fresh seafood consumption is difficult. It will be a difficult problem that the parties need to think about to find a suitable solution,” said a representative of a supermarket system.

Ngoc Anh – Thanh Nhan

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