Many small and medium-sized stocks hit the ceiling, VN-Index gained nearly 12 points

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Session 6/9, the stock indexes traded quite positively. VN-Index added 11.74 points, equivalent to 0.88%, reaching 1,346.39 points.

Small- and mid-cap stocks continue to outperform large-cap stocks. Specifically, while the VN30-Index representing large stocks increased by 1.02%, the VNMID-Index representing the group of medium-sized stocks increased by 1.38%, and the VNSML-Index represented Small-cap stocks increased sharply by 2.47%.

Statistics show that more than 50 stocks hit the ceiling on HoSE, most of which are small and medium-cap stocks.

Going into each industry, the green color dominated the banking stocks group, but the recovery was not too impressive, because there were still 3 stocks that dropped, VPB, VIB and EIB and 2 stocks at the reference price. are CTG and OCB. Stocks with a gain of more than 1% include TCB, MBB, HDB, STB, TPB, and MSB.

Securities group was quite differentiated when SSI decreased by 1.96%, FTS decreased by 1.42% but HCM increased by 1.28%, VCI increased by 1.83%; especially AGR, APG hit the ceiling.

Meanwhile, the real estate – construction group was flooded with green. The trio of VHM, VIC, VRE increased by 1.31%, 0.96% and 0.72% respectively. More impressively, KDH increased by 4.2%, BCG increased by 5.31%, NLG increased by 5.54%, LDG increased by 5.96%; especially, stocks ROS, FLC, HBC, CII, SCR, SGR, TGG, TDH… all hit the ceiling price.

In the manufacturing group, steel stocks “raised” when HPG increased by 4.07%, POM increased by 4.5%, NKG increased by 5.45%, HSG and TLH hit the ceiling price… Besides, 2 stocks Electrical equipment stocks GEX and SAM both hit the ceiling price. Other stocks mostly gained, however, the decline of 2 big stocks was GVR down 2% and MSN down 1.65%.

Wholesale stocks like DGW, SMC and logistics like PVT, TMS, VOS all increased dramatically.

Stocks in sectors such as energy, aviation, and retail were generally quite positive.

The whole HoSE had 300 stocks of increasing price, 42 stocks of standing at reference price and 106 stocks of decreasing. Order-matching liquidity was high, reaching 26,570 billion dong.

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