Nam Tan Uyen is about to pay a 50% dividend in cash

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The closing date for the remaining dividend payment list for 2019 is July 31.

Nam Tan Uyen Industrial Park Joint Stock Company (NTC) has just announced the last registration date to exercise the remaining dividend rights for 2019. The ex-right date is July 30, the last registration date is July 31.

As planned, NTC will pay 50% cash dividend, equivalent to shareholders owning 1 share and receiving 5,000 dong. With 16 million outstanding shares, the company expects to pay 80 billion dong to pay dividends to shareholders.

At the annual General Meeting of Shareholders held on June 3, NTC shareholders approved the dividend payment in 2019 of 100% in cash. Previously, the company had advanced 50% in the end of 2019, the remaining 50% was paid on August 14.

In 2020, NTC aims at VND 390 billion in revenue and VND 177 billion in after-tax profit, corresponding to an increase of 22% and a decrease of 25% compared to the year 2019. With the above results, Nam Tan Uyen Industrial Park will pay dividends 2020 at least 80%, equivalent to VND 128 billion.

This year, NTC plans to change the exchange floor to HOSE and unify the policy of issuing additional shares to increase charter capital at the ratio of 2: 1. Besides, the company will also borrow from banks to implement NTU3 construction investment project with the maximum limit of 3,212 billion dong.