Foreign investors sold 160 billion dong in the market for the third session

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Trading statistics on July 10, foreign investors discharged over 162 billion dong on HOSE, the selling pressure focused on blue-chips.

On HOSE, foreign investors net sold 162 billion dong with a volume of over 6.8 million units, focusing on selling stocks.

Khối ngoại bán ròng gần 160 tỉ đồng toàn thị trường phiên cuối tuần - Ảnh 1.

Source: Thu Thao

Top10 tickers were net sold by foreign investors, HPG saw the highest value of 51.51 billion dong. Besides, foreign investors focused on withdrawing capital from VCB (41.41 billion dong), SSI (33.69 billion dong), VHM (26.39 billion dong) and SAB (19.48 billion dong).

Besides, other codes that saw a net selling value of less than 10 billion dong during the session included DGW (8.17 billion dong), VSC (8.08 billion dong) and VCI (7.68 billion dong). Foreign capital also withdrawn from CII and VNM shares with the value of 7.16 billion dong and 7.14 billion dong.

Khối ngoại bán ròng gần 160 tỉ đồng toàn thị trường phiên cuối tuần - Ảnh 2.

Source: Thu Thao

Top10 stocks recorded a high net buying value during the session, notably with CTG code (VND 26.29 billion), followed by BID (VND 15.26 billion), PLX (VND 7.4 billion), and KDC (5.76 billion dong).

In the same direction, foreign investors gathered LIX shares (5.32 billion dong), POW (4.31 billion dong), and DRC (3.93 billion dong). Top net buying stocks in the session also included VIC (3.81 billion dong), BVH (3.63 billion dong) and KDH (2.66 billion dong).

The HNX recorded a net buying value of more than 3.5 billion dong with a value of 179,220 units. In terms of specific value, foreign investors focused on collecting AMV (VND 5.5 billion). In addition, foreign investors were net buyers of PMC, WCS, PLC

On the net selling side, foreign investors withdrew from SHS (1.5 billion dong), VKC (361 million dong), INN (255 million dong), etc.

Trading on the UPCoM market, foreign investors net sold less than 1 billion with a volume of 84,315 shares.

On the net buying side, foreign investors focused on collecting VEA (1.9 billion dong) and VTP (1.7 billion dong). Besides, the codes that saw a net buying value in the session also included VAV, PVX, FOC, MCH with the value of less than 1 billion dong.

On the contrary, foreign investors withdrew from ACV (3.2 billion dong), KDF (1.2 billion dong), and VLC (1 billion dong). On the other hand, stocks with net selling value also included UDJ, SAS, ADG