Nexttech poured half a million USD into Vietnam’s artificial intelligence startup

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NextTech Corporation and Next100 Startup Support Fund officially announced a $ 500,000 investment in Computer Vision Vietnam – CVS eKYC.

Computer Vision Vietnam is a startup specializing in providing artificial intelligence and computer vision solutions for fintech companies, optimizing utilities for partners in the process of identification and customer identification (eKYC) in the financial industry.

Launched in early 2020, CVS eKYC applies artificial intelligence (AI) technologies based on Machine Learning, Deep Learning techniques such as Face Recognition and Character Recognition (OCR), invalid paper detection, and face detection to provide a complete, fully automated eKYC solution.

CVS solution is based on intelligent image processing technology based on artificial intelligence, providing identification and customer identification solutions for financial technology companies (fintech) and banks.

CVS eKYC has the ability to extract information from photos to help fintech companies automatically process customer records more quickly and systematically. In addition, the project also includes many solutions related to images such as searching on a database of millions of related images of customers for businesses, attendance, face attendance, license plate recognition, analyze facial features.

With this technology, CVS’s partners can fully control customer identification through photos or videos of selfies, collating with ID documents as a basis for making decisions on opening trading accounts for customers.

Thereby saving time, improving arrangement quality, managing customer information; Increasing reliability for partner services.

At the same time improve the user experience when customers can actively register to open an account and complete the online loan profile without going to the headquarters of financial companies and banks. This makes sense even in the context of the complicated Covid-19 pandemic, online transactions help minimize the risk of infection.


Nexttech poured half a million USD into Vietnam’s artificial intelligence startup.

Computer vision has been widely applied in the world to support development and business in recent years. However, in Vietnam, this market is quite new.

Realizing the great potential in the field of artificial intelligence, Mr. Nguyen Van Viet – co-founder and CEO of Computer Vision Vietnam cherished his dream to build a high quality computer vision service platform at a reasonable cost. It provides solutions to all Vietnamese businesses, contributes to increase productivity, competitiveness and bring many comforts to life in the context of the strong industrial revolution 4.0 taking place all over the world.

After more than 2 months of establishment and the previous two years of conception, Computer Vision Vietnam’s eKYC solution has been trusted and used by many customers such as Fiin (Fintech), Mofin (Fintech), BPech (Software solution), Cozrum (Hotel Management) .

Mr. Nguyen Van Viet said: “Customers choose CVS because we always try to understand their problems and solve them in the best way. Instead of selling API / SDK like other units, CVS really solve our customers’ core business problems.”

With the investment and support of Next100 Investment Fund, CVS will continue to invest to upgrade existing products and develop new services for Fintech, digital transformation.

At the same time, CVS will work with other members of NextTech’s ecosystem to promote access to customers in the fields of Fintech, banking, insurance, securities, network operators, digitizing data, checking -in automatically deploying Nam Tien plan and expanding operation in markets in Southeast Asia.

The goal of Computer Vision Vietnam is to become one of the leading companies in eKYC, OCR solutions, solutions in the field of Fintech, digital transformation using artificial intelligence (AI) and big data (Big Data) in Vietnam and Southeast Asia markets.