Nghe An: It is necessary to accelerate the implementation of electricity projects imported from Laos

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“Accelerating the implementation of Laos’ electricity import projects in Nghe An province plays a very important role, not only providing essential electricity for economic development of Nghe An, ensuring supply safety national power supply but also an important project contributing to enhancing cooperation on political security and defense of the two countries Vietnam – Laos “.

That is the content Mr. Nguyen Thai Son – Chief Office of the National Steering Committee for Electricity Development said during the field survey of Laos’ electricity connection projects in the province of Nghe An recently.

There are still many problems

Implementing the Prime Minister’s policy on importing electricity from the Nam Mo hydropower plant cluster in Laos and approving additional planning of grid-connected works to Vietnam, Office of the National Steering Committee Electricity Development has organized a working program to inspect and urge the implementation of power transmission projects for electricity import of Laos in Nghe An.

Đoàn công tác đi thực địa rà soát tiến độ các đường dây 220kV Nậm Mô (Lào) - Tương Dương (Nghệ An) tại điểm G16 (điểm dự kiến đấu nối tạm).

The field mission reviewed the progress of the 220kV Nam Mo (Laos) – Tuong Duong (Nghe An) lines at point G16 (the tentative point for temporary connection).

Immediately after the survey program, the mission had a meeting with the People’s Committee of Nghe An province and relevant departments and agencies on the implementation of the electricity development plan and the construction of connection and import projects electricity of Laos in the province of Nghe An. At the same time, we will discuss and find solutions to solve difficulties to push projects to complete on schedule.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Thai Son said: “According to the Vietnam Electricity Corporation (EVN) report and the forecast of the power supply situation in the period of 2021-2025, we are currently facing many difficulties in power supply to serve socio-economic development Importing electricity from Laos is one of the suitable solutions to meet electricity demand in the short and medium term, especially for Nghe An area “.

Mr. Son assessed that, over the past time, EVN and related units have made great efforts in speeding up the preparation of investment, early deploying the construction of transmission grids to import electricity from Laos. Although certain results have been achieved, however, through the survey and actual recognition of the mission, there are still many difficulties that need to be removed in order to push projects to finish on time.

Sharing about the implementation of projects in the area, Mr. Hoang Van Tam, Director of the Department of Industry and Trade of Nghe An province, said that in order to serve Laos’ electricity import, in addition to the 220kV Nam Mo line (Laos) – Duong Duong , it is necessary to build transformer stations (TBA) and transmission lines through the districts in the province such as: Tuong Duong 220kV substation and connection transmission station, 220kV Nam Cam substation and connecting transmission line, 220kV Tuong substation Duong – Do Luong, 220kV Do Luong station – Nam Cam.

“Currently, these projects are in the alignment agreement phase, design consultancy documentation, feasibility study report approval documents, and forest land use conversion procedures. Therefore, there is no basis to implement compensation and site clearance.In addition, a number of power source projects in power planning VII adjusted in the province, such as the Quynh Lap I and II thermal power plants implemented too slowly, requested the Steering Committee, the Ministry of Industry and Trade to give opinions, “, said Mr. Tam.

Mr. Tam added that the Provincial People’s Committee is directing the Department of Industry and Trade, branches and localities to inspect, give opinions and coordinate with consulting units to negotiate the alignment, at the same time, focus on supporting investors in completing the work agreement in accordance with regulations to ensure project progress.

Ông Hoàng Văn Tám – Ủy viên Ủy ban nhân dân-Giám đốc Sở Công Thương tỉnh Nghệ An phát biểu tại buổi làm việc.

Mr. Hoang Van Tam, Member of People’s Committee, Director of the Department of Industry and Trade of Nghe An province spoke at the meeting.

At the same time, at the meeting, the representative of the Provincial Border Guard Command also noted that the investor needs to comply with the regulations on construction of connection of works at the border and carry out the approval procedures documents between the two border authorities of the two countries.

Additional report on the implementation and progress, implementation plan of the 220kV Nam Mo (Laos) – Tuong Duong (Nghe An) transmission line project in the territory of Vietnam, 2 circuits, 75km in length, to transmit power load from Nam Mo hydropower cluster to Vietnam, Mr. Bui Phuong Nam – Director of EVN’s Power Project Unit 1 said this month, Power Project Management Unit 1 will submit to the Ministry of Industry and Trade for appraisal of the mechanical design. Department, it is expected that the feasibility study report will be approved in December. Construction commencement in November 2021 and acceptance, handover and put into use in the second quarter of 2022.

“However, the project is facing some difficulties and obstacles in the process of implementing investment preparation procedures and policy of changing forest use purposes. Therefore, in order for the project to be completed on schedule, it is recommended that the People’s Committee of Nghe An province, Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, People’s Committee of Ky Son district, Tuong Duong district soon add the project to the planning, local land use plan, support to guide Power Project Board 1 in applying for change of policy of forest land use, compensation and site clearance, review and early approval environmental impact assessment report to ensure projects are implemented on schedule, ”said Dong Nam.


Recognized during the field survey from the report of the investor and consulting units as well as at the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Thai Son has concluded some basic difficulties of projects such as: The 220kV Nam Mo-Duong Duong transmission line currently facing most problems is the design process of connecting the transmission line through the natural forest. For Tuong Duong 220kV substation project, the biggest difficulty is changing the scale, thus arising problems related to switching connection, expanding the area of land acquisition.

For the Tuong Duong – Do Luong 220kV transmission line project, it is currently difficult to negotiate due to the need to adjust the alignment to match the planning of Lac Son industrial cluster. For the 220kV Tuong Duong-Nam Cam transmission line, it is currently difficult to reach agreement on the route for the People’s Committee of Do Luong district, and at commune levels, due to the need to adjust the starting lines of the station, ensuring the land planning of the district. However, opinions persist between the commune and district levels.

To overcome difficulties, the representative of EVN proposed, the National Steering Committee for Electricity Development consulted with ministries and the People’s Committee of Nghe An province to consider and resolve a number of issues such as: Request relevant agencies The province continues to support EVN and other units in promptly solving problems related to forest land conversion to ensure the progress of investment in power projects.

At the same time, soon additional planning / land use plans for the 220kV Nam Mo (Laos) – Tuong Duong project of the land use; support and guide in applying for conversion of forest land use purposes, compensation and site clearance; consider and early approve the environmental impact assessment report; unify the station location and adjusted connection lines to have a basis for approving the feasibility study report on 220kV connected projects serving electricity import.

In addition, EVN also said that for the Quynh Lap 1 thermal power project, EVN proposed and proposed to the State Capital Management Committee to report to the Prime Minister for consideration and assigning EVN as an investor instead for the Vietnam Coal and Mineral Group.

Receiving comments from the units at the meeting, Mr. Son suggested the Provincial People’s Committee, Departments and related agencies of the province continue to pay attention, focus on supporting the investor to complete the procedures of projects, Including, adding 220 kV projects to serve electricity import into local land use plans and plans, proposing the government’s policy to change forest use purposes, adding projects to the land use planning of the province, line alignment agreement, in order to urgently complete the investment preparation procedures, speed up the implementation of investment projects.

“Departments need to consider these as local tasks and responsibilities, specific, clear guidance, cooperation, and conditions for EVN and consultants to complete their tasks. Besides, investors and the consultant needs to study and adjust a number of technical solutions in accordance with the planning, facilitate the overall connection to the power grid in the future, as well as adjust some structural solutions to minimize environmental impacts, reducing the impact on natural forests “, Mr. Son emphasized.

Mr. Son also suggested that, in order to implement the policy of importing electricity from Laos, ask EVN to strengthen working with Laos’ power investors to urgently achieve the target of purchasing electricity from Laos with 3000 MW by 2025 and 5000MW to 2030 with the electricity price bracket approved by the Prime Minister. Also, continue to coordinate with Lao investors to research suitable connection plans for power source projects, coordinate with Lao partners in research and development projects including thermoelectricity, hydroelectricity and renewable energy are imported to Vietnam. Expeditiously complete the plan to connect the overall power system of the two countries Vietnam-Laos by 2030.

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