Stock verdict 23/2: Going sideways

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Weekly accumulation adjustment (Neutral)

Vn-Index is forecasted to have cumulative correcting movements in the next few sessions. Stock groups will continue to have strong differentiation in the current period. At the same time, the portfolio restructuring activities of investment funds according to MSCI’s indexes in the frontier market will have a more pronounced impact on market movements in the last week of February.

Still shaking (Neutral)

(MB Securities Company – MBS)

Technically, the uptrend continues to be strengthened when the VN-Index has surpassed the downward trendline since the beginning of the year. The selling pressure mainly came from foreign investors in blue-chips. However, the domestic cash flow still absorbed this selling well. The market is likely to still have a shaking rhythm in the process of approaching 1,200 points.

Horizontal at 1,175 points (Neutral)

(SSI Securities Company- SSI)

The level 1.175 shows a strong resistance level, but the volume is still well maintained, so the VN-Index is likely to continue accumulating sideways movement around this zone before returning to the uptrend towards the 1,200 point.

Outperform (Increase)

(Mirae Asset Securities Company -MAS)

A slight increase in VN-Index helped technical indicators continue to improve. The Mirae Asset scale technical score has now returned to +7, indicating a short-term POSITIVE state.

Regional movement 1,160-1,200 points (Increase)

(BIDV Securities Company – BSC)

The VN-Index is likely to move in the range 1,160-1,200 points this week.

Continuing to struggle interlaced (Neutral)

(BOS Securities Company – ART)
The market can continue to fluctuate with ups and downs alternating below 1,200 points, to help create a cumulative price base before it is expected to continue to rise beyond the old peak in the near future. Investors can maintain medium-term positions, consider selling and taking profit for part of short-term positions in the rally and wait for disbursement opportunities in the corrections.

Continue to hold (Increase)

(Yuanta Securities Vietnam JSC)

The short-term trend of the general market remains UP. Therefore, Yuanta recommends short-term investors to continue holding a high proportion of stocks in the portfolio and take advantage of corrections to increase the proportion of stocks or buy new ones.

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