October 16: Foreign investors have been net sellers for 17 consecutive sessions, worth more than VND 4,600 billion

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Foreign investors saw a net selling of 4,606.78 billion in 17 sessions and today they net sold 429.24 billion. On HOSE, net selling was 427.36 billion dong, HNX bought a net 8.5 billion dong and UPCoM net sold 10.39 billion dong.

Specifically, on HOSE, MSN (-255.5 billion) continued to be sold strongly with CTG (-75.8 billion dong). VPB (-27.4 billion dong) was also in the profit-taking wave of foreign investors.

Buy-in afternoon, disbursement trend was slow. Foreign investors only bought in moderately large codes like VCB (+33.2 billion dong), VIC (+30.8 billion dong), and GVR (+28.9 billion dong).

Meanwhile, proprietary trading net sold 77.74 billion dong on HOSE. They sold out CTG (-30.56 billion dong), FPT (-29.02 billion dong), HPG (-18.53 billion dong), and MBB (-7.98 billion dong).

Source MBS.

This is most likely due to the fact that this block has to buy 2 big ETFs, E1VFVN30 (+25.52 billion), FUEVFVND (+13.15 billion).

On the HNX, PVS (+7.9 billion dong), and NTP (+1.1 billion dong) helped the trading balance become positive. Foreign investors only sold out the most on SLS (-1.7 billion dong).

Meanwhile, on UPCoM, VTP (+11 billion dong), and VIB (+4.4 billion dong) were disbursed quite well. However, the fact that VGG (-17.7 billion dong) and ACV (-9.2 billion dong) were still being taken profit, making the trading result not as positive.

Source: bizlive.vn – Translated by fintel.vn