Passengers surged, Tan Son Nhat airport overloaded on weekends

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In recent days, congestion, thousands of passengers had to wait in line for an hour to wait for security screening procedures … at Tan Son Nhat airport continuously occurred when the travel demand of people increased dramatically.

Data from Tan Son Nhat International Airport shows that if on April 14 there are about 64,000 passengers, on April 15, this airport will welcome 77,000 passengers.

On April 15, Tan Son Nhat airport also had a serious congestion at the check-in area, especially the security screening area, from 6-9 am.

Guests are still congested in the area waiting for security screening at Tan Son Nhat airport

According to the representative of Tan Son Nhat International Airport, with high travel demand as in the past days, the airport is expected to welcome 83,000 – 85,000 arrivals every day during the weekend.

About the flight, on April 14 there were 523 flights and on April 15, it increased to 581 flights, while on April 16 it was planned to be about 631 flights. At the highest point during the Lunar New Year, the maximum number of flights is about 1,000, including international flights.

As recorded by the afternoon of April 16, the number of customers queuing through the security screening area at Tan Son Nhat airport was still very large. To get rid of passengers as quickly as possible, the airport has opened maximum security screening ports; airlines and ground service units increase passenger support staff, especially priority subjects such as the elderly, young children.

According to the representative of Tan Son Nhat International Airport, the strong increase in passenger travel demand, including tourists, is a positive signal for the aviation and tourism industry. However, in the context of limited airport infrastructure, congestion, local congestion in the check-in area, screening area is difficult to avoid.

According to regulations of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transport, passengers are required to make medical declarations before boarding: Make a declaration on the website, save information and aviation staff will check the passenger’s medical declaration before queuing in the screening security screening area.

Tan Son Nhat International Airport and airlines encourage passengers to make online medical declaration before checking in at the airport.

Passengers are required to follow the instructions of the aviation security control force on queuing, keeping order, moving along the route, the aisle has been arranged: Prepare identification documents, medical declaration information, boarding pass and put all luggage and personal items in the tray before entering the screening.

In case the flight is about to depart, passengers should immediately contact the airline staff at the waiting area for assistance.

Thai Phuong. Photo: Lam Giang

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