Session 22/2: Foreign investors net sold over 600 billion dong on HOSE

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Trading FUEVFVND is not the priority of foreign investors and proprietary trading today. Self-trading was 109.54 billion dong with codes like TCB (+42.78 billion dong), VIC (+40.27 billion dong), and MWG (+16.84 billion dong). They net sold only FUEVFVND with a scale of about 10 billion.

Source MBS.

Meanwhile, foreign investors net sold 609.89 billion dong on HOSE, net bought 11 billion dong on the HNX and net sold 10.6 billion dong. In total, foreign investors net sold 609.49 billion dong on 3 exchanges.

On HOSE, a series of large stocks like VNM (-178.2 billion dong), HPG (-110.1 billion dong), SSI (-42.4 billion dong), VIC (-41 billion dong), and CTG ( -40 billion dong) was sold by foreign investors.

On the other side, there were also some large stocks disbursed such as VHM (+38.3 billion dong), and VCB (+30.5 billion dong) but with a lower scale.

On the HNX, the buying transactions of NVB (+12.4 billion dong), SHS (+2.5 billion dong), and APS (+1.3 billion dong) proved to outperform the selling transactions of GKM (-1.5 billion dong), CSC (-1.5 billion dong).

On UPCoM, LTG (+1.8 billion dong) was lower than the selling-side transactions of QNS (-11.4 billion dong), ACV (-1.8 billion dong), and BSR (-1.3 billions dong).

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