POB: A stock is up 194% in 8 sessions

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Pre-tax profit reached more than 1.8 billion dong, an improvement from the loss of 980 million dong in the first half of last year.

In the past week, stocks of “Louis” group such as TGG, BII, SMT had many sessions with ceiling gain.

At the end of the session 6/9, POB shares of Thai Binh Petroleum Joint Stock Company (UPCoM: POB) were priced at 50,000 VND/share, hitting the ceiling price for 7 sessions in a series of 8 consecutive days of increasing prices. After more than a week, the market price of this code increased by 194%. Liquidity of this stock code is low, about 200-1,000 units/session. Some unexpected sessions, for example, on August 24, saw more than 10,500 POB shares matched on the floor with a value of nearly 211 million dong.

Thai Binh Petroleum operates mainly in the field of petroleum trading and transportation; for rent petroleum depot and E5 gasoline preparation in Thai Binh province and neighboring provinces.

Accumulated in the first 6 months, the company recorded more than 394 billion dong in revenue, up 45% over the same period, completing 64% of the plan. This result was achieved thanks to the increase in retail price of gasoline in the first half of this year, while the same period last year continued to decrease; In addition, output also increased 28% to 34,207 m3.

In terms of revenue structure, petroleum business accounted for 94%, equivalent to nearly VND 372 billion, besides other activities such as trading in nitrogen fertilizers, lubricants, trade in services… Profit before tax reached more than 1.8 billion dong, equivalent to 72% of the whole year target and improved from a loss of 980 million dong in the first half of last year.

The size of assets by the end of the second quarter was VND162 billion, an increase of 22% compared to the beginning of the year. Short-term assets accounted for 51%, mainly customer accounts such as Northern Petroleum Supplies JSC, Hanoi Petroleum Jsc… up to nearly 41 billion and the value of inventory 37 billion. Long-term assets are largely fixed assets of more than VND73 billion.

The company has no financial debt. Payables to sellers were nearly 29 billion VND, of which 27 billion VND came from payables to Vietnam Oil Corporation (PV Oil) of more than 27 billion VND. With semi-annual business results, the company escaped accumulated losses and had more than 352 million dong of undistributed after-tax profit as of June 30, next to the investment and development fund of nearly 1.4 billion dong.

Thai Binh Petroleum has a charter capital of VND109 billion with two major shareholders, PV Oil holding 68% of the capital and OceanBank holding 11% of the shares.

Shares of the group “Louis” are in the top 10 stocks with the strongest increase

Shares of companies in the “Louis” ecosystem such as Louis Capital (HoSE: TGG), Sametel (HNX: SMT) or Louis Land (HNX: BII) are all in the top 10 stocks with the strongest increase in the week since 27 /8 to 6/9.

Closing session 6/9, the market price of TGG increased to the ceiling price of 35,300 dong/share, 30 times higher than the end of last year. In the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders this morning, Louis Capital shareholders approved a plan to increase capital more than 2 times to nearly 573 billion dong by offering a maximum of 30 million shares at the price of 15,000 dong/share.

BII’s share price also hit the ceiling on September 6, reaching VND 18,800/share, 18 times higher than the first year. Louis Land also wants to increase capital through the plan to issue up to 15 million individual shares at the price of 10,000 VND/share.

Similar to the two stocks above, SMT stock has had the last 9 sessions close at the ceiling price. At the end of the session 6/9, the price of this code reached 17,900 dong, up 70% compared to the end of 2020.

Source: stockbiz.vn – Translated by fintel.vn