Securities 11/23: The Bank’s test to the whole market

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After two trading sessions that were considered explosive, bank stocks temporarily stalled, causing the market to miss the No. 1 pillar. Whether or not the school’s ability to stand will remain to be tested through the developments during the session.


The bank is not… erratic

In contrast to the two sessions of gains, bank stocks are being overwhelmed by the red color. VCB (-0.2%), CTG (-0.9%), BID (-1%) are down slightly early this morning while a range of HDB (-1.7%), ACB (-0.9%), VIB (-0.5%), SHB (-0.6%), TCB (-0.2%), LPB (-0.4%), MBB (-0.2%) codes are all adjusting slightly.

The status of Bank stocks has not shown erratic or habitual behavior (1 increasing session followed by 2-3 strong decline sessions). However, the Bank’s slowdown is a test problem for this group and the market as a whole.

If the banking wave appears, the cash flow needs to be excited and maintain the uptrend so that banking stocks can conquer the peak in June.

With the general market, large stocks also need to share the burden of the market instead of giving up all responsibility to the Bank. This will be very risky with an uptrend of the index when the Bank runs out of momentum.

Through the first two vibrations, GAS (+2.5%), MWG (+2.9%), GVR (+2%) appeared for the Bank and helped the index rise slightly at times.

The buying force of MWG is the best, helping this code to reach a value of over 100 billion dong. It is known that MWG just announced October data with revenue of 12,186 billion dong, up 39%; profit after tax is 568 billion dong, up 86% over the same period last year.

VN-Index is trying to anchor around the reference area above 1,445 points. The number of losers, though still hovering with more than 230 stocks, was not as widespread as the last 2 sessions.

Currently GEX (-6.3%), DIG (-4.45%), ITA (-4.26%), HAG (-4.7%), HQC (-5.45%), LDG (-3 ,77%), FIT (-4.56%), HDC (-3.33%), HDC (-3.33%), BSI (-5.5%) still has profit-taking pressure from the line Speculative money causes two groups of Real Estate and Securities to differentiate quite strongly.

However, tickers like Midap and Penny DBC (+3.03%), SKG (+3%), CSV (+2.8%), GMD (+2.4%), HDG (+2.2%) ) is helping the green color not be too weak.

Oil and gas stocks are also rising again not only on HOSE but also on HNX: PVS (+2.4%), PVD (+1.9%), PVT (+2.6%), PVC (+8.4%). Meanwhile, the Steel group also increased slightly and temporarily did not lose the long-term uptrend at the MA200: HSG (+1.4%), HPG (+1.2%), SMC (+0.9%), NKG (+0.8%) were all green.

As of 10:15 am, HNX-Index is falling more strongly than VN-Index, losing nearly 0.5% to 442.3 points.

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