Securities judgment 8/4: Vibration is not significant

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Tug-of-war (Neutral)

Vn-Index is forecasted to continue testing the support area of 1,225-1,230 points before heading to challenge the resistance zone at 1,250-1,265 points in the short term. Market movements will still be in the direction of pulling about with strong differentiation according to the business results of each specific enterprise.

Vibration continued (Neutral)

(MB Securities Company – MBS)

The shaking rhythm in the resistance zone can still continue in the coming sessions. A successful peak-breaking session will have the effect of relieving investors’ sentiment and drag a large cash flow to continue pouring into the market. Investors should focus on stocks that are forecasted to have positive Q1 business results.

Outperform (Increase)

(Mirae Asset Securities Company -MAS)

The short-term uptrend maintained so that the short-term technical rating of the VN-Index remained at the POSITIVE rating with +5 points.

Rising momentum may slow down (Neutral)

(BIDV Securities Company – BSC)

Foreigners turned to be net sellers again with the cash flow differentiating to Midcap stocks, reflecting that the upturn momentum of the VN-Index may slow down and accumulate in the zone of 1,230-1,250 points.

Clear upside expectations (Up)

(Viet Capital Securities Joint Stock Company – VCSC)

The short- and medium-term technical signals of the indexes on both exchanges remain Positive. For the VN-Index, this index had 3 consolidating sessions above 1225-1230 points. The next resistance of this index according to the Fibonacci band is in the area of 1.275-1.280 points. It is forecasted that tomorrow, the index’s support level MA5 will continue to play a role in promoting demand. VCSC expects that the VN-Index will have a clearer gaining session to move up to the next resistance at 1275-1280 points.

Will still shake (Neutral)

(BOS Securities Company – ART)

Most likely, the VN-Index will have vibrations in the next sessions and a technical correction might appear with the support zone around 1,230 points. Investors should focus on observing market movements, considering reducing the proportion of stocks and waiting for buying opportunities in the corrections of the market.

Continue to hold (Increase)

(Yuanta Securities Vietnam JSC)

The short-term trend of the general market remains UP. Therefore, Yuanta recommends short-term investors to continue holding a high proportion of stocks in the portfolio and take advantage of the correction to increase the proportion of stocks or buy new ones.

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