Securities judgment September 17: Going sideways

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Continue to sideways (Neutral)

Vn-Index is forecasted to continue moving sideways with a strong differentiation between stock lines in the region limited by the support level of 880-885 points and the resistance level of 895-905 points in the next few sessions. September futures will expire tomorrow and may cause the market to fluctuate strongly at some point during the session, especially ATC session.

Spotlight on 2 weekend sessions (Neutral)

(MB Securities Company – MBS)

In the last two sessions of this week, investors will become cautious when the market has many remarkable events such as September futures, ETF reviews, and Fed policy meeting. Therefore, the possible scenario at this time is that the market will continue to fluctuate in the range from 878.53 points to 905 points.

Still have the ability to adjust (Decrease)

(Securities Company SSI- SSI)

Technical analysis has not changed much after this session as the VN-Index is still facing the strong resistance zone of 900 – 906 points and there is still a possibility that the VN-Index will appear correcting from the resistance zone to go to the support zone 878-871.

In case of correction, it is expected that the VN-Index will bounce back from the 878-871 support zone since this is a strong support zone. Therefore, accumulating stocks from this support zone is a strategy worth considering.

Continuing to struggle (Neutral)

(Mirae Asset Securities Company (MAS))

VN-Index continues to test the 900 point level, a strong psychological and technical resistance. In the short-term, VN-Index continued to show a struggling trend.

Temporary accumulation (Neutral)

(BIDV Securities Company – BSC)

According to BSC, VN Index will continue to accumulate temporarily and move sideways at 890-900 points in the next few sessions.

May have upside momentum tomorrow (Up)

(Viet Capital Securities Joint Stock Company – VCSC)

Short-term technical signals remain Positive at all indexes. However, the resistance at 905 points of the VN-Index, 845 points of the VN30 or 128 points of the HNX-Index are still challenges for short-term gaining momentum. It is expected that after the correction session on low volume, the market might have some upside momentum tomorrow. The representative index of VN-Index might move up to test the psychological resistance zone at 900 points and be more positive than the old peak at 903-905 points.

Can increase the proportion (Neutral)

(Vietnam Construction Securities Joint Stock Company -VNCSI)

VNCSI believes that this is the right time for investors to increase the proportion of stocks in their portfolio and should give priority to stocks with outstanding signals compared to the general trend of the VN-Index.

Optimistic about current trends (Neutral)

(Yuanta Securities Vietnam JSC)

Yuanta believes that the VN-Index will continue struggling in the 890 – 900 range in the next session. Cash flow can still mainly focus on Midcaps, so the differentiation is likely to continue and especially the market will expire September futures on September 17, 2020 and the restructuring session the portfolio of two ETFs on September 18, 2020. At the same time, the threshold of 900 points is still the psychological resistance level of the VN-Index, so the market might still move sideways in the next few sessions. In addition, Yuanta believes that psychology is still optimistic with the current trend.

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