Securities on July 20: Large inside stocks in VN30 have to face more pressure from foreign investors

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Efforts to pull up the index were unsuccessful and near 11am, the pressure created by the VN30 group increased, pulling the VN-Index down to 1,225 points sometimes. The score at the end of the morning session of VN-Index is 1,230 points.

The pillar stocks are not interested in maintaining support for the market. Instead, this group gave in completely to the sellers, with the biggest selling force coming from foreign investors. Their net selling value at the end of the morning increased to 340 billion dong and all focused on big codes like VCB (-65 billion dong), VHM (-55.4 billion dong), VRE (-53 billion dong), VIC (-46.7 billion dong). If VCB (-2.2%) still corrects by inertia, the hope of VHM (-0.7%) causes disappointment when reversing to the downside. VRE (-6%) was even worse when the selling of foreign investors accounted for more than half of the trading value of this ticker. There were 6 gainers in the VN30 basket, of which there were only 2 gainers over 1%: MWG (+2.2%) and HPG (+1.2%).

The general market is therefore becoming difficult to re-sow hope for investors. Green tickers like DGW (+0.4%), CRE (+0.9%), NLG (+0.27%), DBC (+0.2%)… clustered with low margin and volume less than 130 codes.

Meanwhile, strong selling cases like PVD (-5.88%), DXG (-3.23%), VIX (-6.31%), APH (-7%), VCI (-5.05) %), DIG (-3.18%) is still present.

The liquidity of HOSE is now more than 1,000 billion dong lower than yesterday, reaching 291.58 million units, equivalent to 9,237 billion dong.

Meanwhile, on HNX, PVS (-5.3%) is creating a beat to sink the index down. Fortunately, THD (+0.7%) was still able to pull back, so HNX-Index was mostly sideways, trading at 291.5 points (-0.2%). Liquidity on the floor reached 1,482 billion dong.

VN-Index is losing a series of moving averages supporting the index’s rally. Yesterday, MA100 was also penetrated and the scenario that the index might drop to 1,200 points was suggested by many securities companies. However, it should be noted that the index has fallen into the oversold zone, so a technical recovery can happen at any time.

At the beginning of the morning session, the attempt to pull back appeared twice, right after the ATC session and at 10 am. The selling action to reduce the proportion of investors showed that there was still, shown by the fact that VN-Index was pulled down after the above efforts. There was a time when VN-Index lost 16 points.

Banking group, after the strong movement, still saw VIB (-3.7%), LPB (-2.7%), VCB (-1.9%) still corrected strongly. Currently, VCB has once again appeared at a “two-digit” price when trading at 95,200 VND/share after more than a month of trading above 100,000 VND/share.

Meanwhile, VIB’s stock has sometimes dropped by more than 6% and sometimes broke the threshold of 40,000 VND/share. Attempts to pull the price back of VIB appeared this morning. According to the latest announcement, VIB reported 6 months profit before tax reached 3,952 billion dong, up 68%, ROE reached 32.8%, bad debt ratio dropped sharply to 1.3%.

VHM (+1.2%), HPG (+2.1%) are counterweights to level out the influence of VCB in the VN30 basket. Along with that was the support of MWG (+3.4%), MSN (+2.1%), REE (+1.4%).

The cases of MWG and REE are also notable. Firstly, MWG has now recovered right after pulling back to MA20 yesterday due to negative news on food prices at Bach Hoa Xanh. However, with a good response to the MA20, MWG is still a strong consumer stock.

As for REE, it is clear that this ticker did not have a negative sentiment after being excluded from the VN30 basket. The price movements of stocks excluded from VN30 such as TCH (+0.3%), SBT (-0.8%) are also unclear. Meanwhile, with 3 newly added stocks, ACB (+1.4%), GVR (+1.5%), SAB (+0.3%) all recorded in green.

VN-Index until about 10:30 am is trading at 1,240 points while HNX-Index is increasing again thanks to SHB (+0.8%), VND (+2.12%), SHS (+2.2%), IDC ( +1.33%) combined together, reaching 292 points.

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