Securities September 25: Without a series of pillars, VN-Index closed in the red

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Still VIC with kicks in the ATC session. This code in the continuous match session is still increasing, but all changes when VIC matched 98 thousand units, leading to the closing price of shares to 92,800 dong per share.

The movement at VIC was not surprising but it eliminated a lot of the pillars’ influence on the index. Instead, STB (+ 6.83%), and BHN (+ 7%) came to the throne to create points.

VN-Index thanks to BHN and STB which corrected only slightly and overcame the shaking rhythm this afternoon. At the end of the session, the index dropped 0.03% to 908.27 points.

Although the opportunity door still existed with STB, BHN or OGC (+ 6.92%), DGC (+ 5.42%), cautiousness appeared. Green was weak on HOSE with only 162 advancers compared to 239 decliners and 71 unchanged stocks.

The sellers have actively sold and have no intention of buying again. The codes that fell from this morning could hardly turn back like PDR (-4.5%), CTG (-2.2%), TCB (-0.22%), HBC (-1.35% ), CRE (-3.51%), GEX (-1.43%).

Foreign investors remained net sellers until the end of the session. The net selling value for the whole session was 127.26 billion dong with HPG (-52.9 billion dong) being the leading code, followed by VNM (-24.3 billion dong).

The total volume of the session today was recorded at 361.23 million units, equivalent to 6,275 billion VND, of which 842 billion VND was negotiated.

For the HNX, the trade was better when VCG (+ 2.36%), and PVS (+ 0.74%) increased together. Only a little obstacle left in NVB (-1.15%) made the HNX-Index unable to increase. The index closed at 131.52 points (-0.14%). Floor liquidity reached 62.66 million units, equivalent to 905.56 billion.

With UPCoM, LPB (+ 4.8%), and VIB (+ 3.1%), there were consensus movements to pull UPCoM-Index up 0.48% to 61.29 points. It should be noted that the trend of Banking group on HOSE today is not really clear. Therefore, the bright spots LPB and VIB were quite unexpected.

Liquidity of UPCoM closed at 49,109 million units, equivalent to 526 billion VND.


VIC (+ 1.61%) almost had to balance all the pressure from Banking when BID (-0.12%), TCB (-0.45%), MBB (-0.26%) ), VCB (-0.23%), VPB (-0.64%), CTG (-0.38%) all dropped slightly.

This is still an uncomfortable struggle but VN-Index hasn’t turned red yet. A reversal can happen in this afternoon session when VIC often has face-off attacks during the ATC session.

By the end of the morning session, the VN-Index increased by 0.05% to 909.1 points. Liquidity reached 182.12 million units, equivalent to 3,080 billion VND, of which the deal was 282 billion VND.

STB (+ 4.02%) is still radiating heat with the trading value of 290.92 billion dong. And FCN (+ 5.61%), OGC (+ 6.92%), and BMI (+ 4.36%) all also kept the gaining trend. However, the shift to Midcap and Penny may have stalled.

The red color was dominating on HOSE with 226 losers compared to 148 gainers and 69 stocks unchanged at the reference price. DXG (-1.44%), PHR (-0.34%), TCM (-0.9%), HDC (-1.42%), DPM (-0.6%), PDR (-1, 99%), SSI (-0.91%), HCM (-1.7%) are all sensitive stocks with the general trend, so the drop in price of this group is a must.

On the HNX, there are still almost few points of transaction in transactions. The HNX-Index decreased by 0.3% to 131.31 points. Liquidity reached 22.07 million units, equivalent to 286 billion VND.


Quite a few securities companies have given a standpoint to stand outside and observe new disbursements at the moment. However, this only seems to be true with the fluctuations of Bluechips.

VIC (+ 1.6%), VNM (+ 0.4%), and VCB (-0.12%) were still mostly sideway and not yet made a clear rebound to make VN-Index break out. Meanwhile, Midcap and Penny stocks, which signaled an increase, have not shown any sign of stopping.

STB (+ 5.22%), HSG (+ 2.68%), FCN (+ 5.61%), DHC (+ 2.01%), OGC (+ 6.75%), VHC (+2, 34%) still increased despite uncomfortable sideways movements of pillars. Currently, STB continues to be the hottest stock in terms of trading value when it reached about VND 200 billion.

This is probably creating the impatience of a part of investors holding cash. However, it will still be necessary to keep a “cool head” in the market conditions where there are too many unpredictable variables. For the time being, keeping track of the turrets should still be the only priority.

As of 10:30, the VN-Index is bouncing up to 911.15 points after a shaking rhythm to below 908 points at 10am. The role of foreign investors is not clear as they only bought in 74 billion dong while selling over 95 billion dong.

On the HNX, the HNX-Index decreased by 0.25% to 131.75 points. The stocks on the HNX are tending to stay immobile, so the trading value is just over 200 billion dong.

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