Session 1/11: Foreign investors reversed to a net selling of more than 1,260 billion dong, returning to “strongly” discharge HPG shares

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In the session VN-Index lost momentum at the end of the session due to the plunge of VN30, foreign investors reversed to be net sellers on the whole floor after the previous positive trading week. Notably, this group returned to take profit of more than 4 million HPG shares after buying and selling last week.

Although it remained in green for most of the trading time, the late plunge of large-cap group made VN-Index not escape the correcting trend.

At the end of the session, VN-Index decreased by 5.3 points (0.37%) to 1,438.97 points, HNX-Index increased by 3.42 points (0.83%) to 415.54 points, UPCoM-Index increased by 0.57 points. points (0.54%) to 105.95 points.

Contrary to the movement of VN-Index, VN30-Index was in red for almost the whole session with strong selling force and accelerated towards the end of the session. At the close, the VN30 basket index lost 15.6 points, equivalent to a decrease of 1.02% compared to the previous session and stopped at 1,516.75 points.

The billowing cash flow into the market helped the liquidity increase suddenly, only after the session of August 20. The total trading value of the whole market reached nearly 41,000 billion dong, equivalent to nearly 1.45 billion shares traded. In which, the liquidity on HOSE reached more than 33,700 billion dong, up 17% compared to the last session of last week and up to 46% compared to the average value in the past 1 month.

Foreign investors’ trading trend in the last 30 sessions. (Source: Thao Bui synthesis).

On HOSE, foreign investors bought in 1,153 billion dong but sold out 2,420 billion dong. Thus, this group returned to a net selling of more than 1,266 billion dong, equivalent to 22.17 million shares after being net bought in the last three sessions of last week.

Source: Thao Bui synthesis.

Contrary to the positive trade in the previous week, foreign investors returned to heavily dump HPG shares of Hoa Phat Group, causing this stock to drop 2.45% compared to the reference price, taking away 1.6 points from VN- Index and was one of the codes that negatively impacted the index in the session 1/11.

Next, the discharge of more than 163 billion dong concentrated on NLG shares of Nam Long Investment JSC, an increase of nearly 50 billion dong compared to the previous week. Many stocks in the real estate group also suffered from the discharge during the session, respectively VHM (77.4 billion dong), KDH (76.8 billion dong), and VRE (71.6 billion dong).

Although recording positive movements, securities stocks were not outside the profit-taking range of foreign investors, focusing on representatives of SSI (155 billion dong), VND (80.9 billion dong).

Source: Thao Bui synthesis.

In the buying afternoon, the focus of foreign investors’ buying and selling continued to be banking stocks with some names such as CTG (57.2 billion dong), STB (42.3 billion dong), VCB (38.8 billion dong). Following, despite the net selling of financial services, VCI shares of Viet Capital Securities were netted at VND 26.3 billion.

Following, the net buying portfolio of foreign investors focused on some codes such as NTL (24.3 billion dong), GVR (17.5 billion dong), DGC (16.1 billion dong), GMD (14.6 billion dong). copper).

On the HNX, the trade continued to lean towards the sell side when foreign investors had a net selling session of 23.6 billion dong, equivalent to a net withdrawal of 523,330 shares.

Specifically, the net selling transaction was most concentrated in two shares VCS of Vicostone JSC (6.3 billion dong) and THD of Thaiholdings JSC (5.6 billion dong). Following, this group mainly net sold some stocks, including IVS (2.1 billion dong), IDJ (1.7 billion dong), PVI (1.1 billion dong), SHS (1.1 billion dong).

On the net buying direction, the absence of stocks that led the demand made no stocks record a net collection of over 1 billion dong. Some stocks that slightly attracted foreign cash flow were L14 (781 million dong), MBS (626 million dong), TMB (500 million dong), respectively.

Similar developments, in UPCoM market, foreign investors turned to be net sellers right after the previous session with a net discharge of 21.2 billion dong, or 581,258 shares.

On the selling side, the strongest selling force continued to focus on QNS stock of Quang Ngai Street (13.5 billion dong). Following, the main net sellers in the session 1/11 included HHV (3 billion dong), SKH (2.3 billion dong), PAS (2.1 billion dong), VTP (1.4 billion dong).

On the other hand, the most foreign capital flow came in two stocks ACV of Airports Corporation of Vietnam (2.9 billion dong) and CLX of Cholon Investment and Import-Export Joint Stock Company (1.7 billion dong). The lighter portfolio from foreign investors also includes MLS, UDJ, AAS, PWA.

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