Session 25/9: Foreign investors continued to net sell 134 billion dong, focusing on HPG

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Foreign investors’ trading statistics today (September 25), net selling continued to dominate the market with a total value of nearly 134 billion dong, most of which were HPG shares. Foreign investors net bought mainly VCB shares.

The stock market today got better at the beginning of the session, but then the selling force increased in the large-cap stocks, causing the market to decline. At the end of the session, the VN-Index fell 0.31 points (0.03%) to 908.27 points, the HNX-Index fell 0.14% to 131.52 points, the UPCoM-Index rose 0.48% to 61.29 points.

Trading on HOSE, foreign investors net sold nearly 133 billion dong with volume of 8.2 million shares. In which, foreign investors net sold over 161 billion dong of shares but bought 30 billion dong of domestic ETF certificates.

Their buying and selling value on HOSE accounted for 4.95% and 7.07% respectively of their buying and selling value in the market.

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In Top 10 stocks with net buying value, foreign investors focused on gathering 42.56 billion dong of VCB shares. Following that, foreign capital inflows came to fund certificates FUEVFVND and FUESSVFL with the value of 19.54 billion VND and 14.73 billion VND, respectively, followed by DPM shares (12.65 billion VND).

The next stocks to be in the top net buying list with a value of less than 10 billion VND were BVH (5.09 billion VND), MSH (3.9 billion VND), GAS (2.89 billion VND), and DGC (2.61 billion VND), there are also shares of DHC, PLX.

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Top 10 stocks were net sold, HPG was the leader with the value of 52.86 billion dong. Next, foreign capital was withdrawn from VNM (VND 24.31 billion), SSI (VND 20.76 billion), VIC (VND 20.11 billion) and CII (VND 14.93 billion).

Besides, foreign investors also put pressure on the shares of VHC (10.31 billion dong), CRE (10.27 billion dong) and HDB (10.02 billion dong). There were also codes VRE and POW with net selling value of 7.5 billion and 7.37 billion dong, respectively.

On the HNX, foreign investors net bought nearly 1.6 billion dong with a volume of 15,321 shares.

On the net buying side, PVS was bought the most with over 2.3 billion dong. Some codes attracting foreign capital flows such as NTP (867 million VND), INN (365 million VND), SHB (362 million VND).

In contrast, foreign investors focused on selling TNG shares (1.3 billion dong), DXP (956 million dong), in addition there were VMC, NST, BVS.

In UPCoM market, foreign capital inflow was net sold 2.2 billion VND with the volume of 485,985 shares.

In terms of specific value, foreign capital flows focused on withdrawing capital from two shares LPB (5.5 billion VND) and VEA (1.9 billion VND), in addition to QNS, HIG, VGI.

On the other side, leading net buying stocks were VTP (1.9 billion dong), CTR (1.4 billion dong), and NTC (1.2 billion dong). Besides, foreign investors also net bought MCH, OIL, BDT.

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