Session 28/4: Foreign investors net bought for 4th consecutive session

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Proprietary and foreign transactions were mixed. Self-trading sold 202.58 billion dong. Strongly sold proprietary codes included VHM (-47.19 billion VND), VRE (-37.85 billion VND), VPB (-35.36 billion VND), TCB (-32.09 billion VND), KBC (-27.51 billion dong). Meanwhile, bought the most LPB (+30.15 billion dong).

 Source: MBS.

Foreign investors net bought 339.36 billion dong on HOSE, net bought 2.32 billion dong on the HNX and net sold 8.54 billion dong on UPCoM. Total 333.14 billion on 3 floors.

On HOSE, VHM (+185.8 billion), STB (+139.6 billion), and MSN (+101.5 billion) were the most bought codes by foreign investors.

On the selling side, there were still large codes like VNM (-68.7 billion dong), VRE (-46.7 billion dong), and HPG (-45.5 billion dong) but the withdrawal value was significantly lower.

On the HNX, trading activities took place not too different. They bought VCS (+1.2 billion dong), PVS (+0.9 billion dong), TVC (+0.7 billion dong) and sold out VND (-1.3 billion dong), and KLF (-0, 8 billion dong), BVS (-0.4 billion dong).

On UPCoM, MCM (+2.4 billion dong), LTG (+1.3 billion dong) were much lower than sold-out codes like VEA (-6.5 billion dong), VTP (-4.4) VND billion), SIP (-1.2 billion VND).

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