Session 29/6: Foreign investors withdrew nearly VND 150 billion on the first day of the week

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Foreigners were net sellers of 147.59 billion dong on HOSE, and 3.24 billion dong on HNX, while net buying 1.72 billion dong on UPCoM. Thereby, they net sold a total of 149.11 billion dong.

On HOSE, they strongly net sold VNM 66.1 billion, contributing significantly to the 3.5% drop. Following were SSI (-36.1 billion dong) and VIC (-19.5 billion dong) which were also sold a lot.

In the afternoon of buying, foreign investors disbursed relatively large on VHM (+25.5 billion, FUEVFVND (+25.2 billion), GEX (+20 billion). However, VHM and FUEVFVND still dropped over 2% while GEX decreased by more than 6%.

Meanwhile, on HNX, selling out VCG (-1.3 billion dong), SHS (-1.2 billion dong), HAD (-0.8 billion dong) was the main reason that the balance was still skewed.

At UPCoM, the trade was more positive thanks to the purchases from BCM (+2.2 billion dong), VTP (+1.9 billion dong). Meanwhile, foreign investors sold a lot of VLC (-1.5 billion dong) and ACV (-1.3 billion dong).