Session 31/7: Foreign investors turned to a net selling of 130 billion dong

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Trading statistics at the end of July, foreign investors reversed a net selling of 130 billion dong on HOSE while net buying on HNX and UPCoM market.

Vietnam stock market has been in a sideways situation today. At some point, VN-Index reversed to gain thanks to the pull from “them Vingroup” and banking group. However, the pressure of dropping at the end of the banking group made VN-Index losing 800 points level.

Ending the trading session on 31/7, VN-Index decreased by 2.74 points (0.34%) to 798.39 points, HNX-Index decreased by 0.55% to 107.51 points, UPCoM-Index decreased by 0.11% down to 54.8 points.

Facing negative movements of the market, on HOSE, foreign investors turned to a net selling of nearly 129.5 billion dong with a volume of over 5.7 million units. In particular, this sector focused on discharging over 130 billion dong on the stock market.

Phiên 31/7: Khối ngoại đảo chiều bán ròng 130 tỉ đồng cổ phiếu - Ảnh 1.

Source: Thu Thao

Top10 stocks recorded high net buying value during the session, notably VNM (VND 27.35 billion), followed by VHM (VND 23.31 billion), PHR (VND 15.71 billion), NVL (14.96 billion).

In the same direction, foreign investors gathered BVH (3.94 billion dong), STB (3.08 billion dong), and PLX (2.89 billion dong). Top net buying stocks in the session also included HDB (2.87 billion dong), ITA (2.31 billion dong) and BMP (2.26 billion dong).

Phiên 31/7: Khối ngoại đảo chiều bán ròng 130 tỉ đồng cổ phiếu - Ảnh 2.

Source: Thu Thao

Top10 tickers were net sold by foreign investors, KDH saw the highest value of 49.99 billion dong. Besides, foreign investors focused on withdrawing capital from MSN (24.5 billion dong), VIC (22 billion dong), SAB (21.71 billion dong) and VRE (21.43 billion dong).

Besides, other codes saw a net selling during the session like VCB (17.08 billion dong), HPG (10.55 billion dong) and VJC (8.3 billion dong). Foreign capital was also withdrawn from HSG and TCH shares with value of 7.8 billion dong and 7.33 billion dong.

The HNX recorded a net buying value of over 4.54 billion dong with a value of 12,860 units.

In terms of specific value, foreign investors focused on collecting DHT (3.36 billion dong), followed by VCS (1.3 billion dong). In addition, foreign investors were net buyers of PMC, DTD, AMV

On the net selling side, foreign investors withdrew from SRA (653 million dong), PLC (291 million dong), SHS (223 million dong), etc.

Trading on the UPCoM market, foreign investors net bought 6.1 billion dong with the volume of 315,230 shares.

On the net buying side, foreign investors focused on VTP (1.8 billion dong), VEA (1.5 billion dong) and BSR (1.3 billion dong). Besides, the codes being net bought during the session also included BCM, MCH, ACV, WSB with the value of less than 1 billion dong.

On the contrary, foreign investors withdrew from AAS, CTR, UDJ with very low value (less than 20 million dong).