Speculation blows prices to create a virtual land fever wave in Quang Ninh

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At the end of 2017, the land fever wave exploded violently in Van Don district, Quang Ninh when this district is expected to become an integrated economic development area. Regardless of the land in the mainland of the district, through the story of the “stork” group, it becomes a high potential for profit.

Many gullible people have come down to buy a large amount of land and then disillusioned with “a capital of four words”. The lesson is a wake-up call for believing in “drawing cakes” from the group of land speculators and then blowing prices.

However, since the beginning of this year, this land fever has reappeared on a larger scale in Quang Yen Town, Dong Trieu City and Uong Bi City.

Tour guide, old farmer is also a “stork”

As a tour guide on Ha Long Bay type of Korean tourists, Mr. N.T.D (28 years old, living in Ha Long City) had to “hang up” for nearly 2 years when the Covid-19 pandemic raged.

After following all kinds of jobs but not favorable, in mid-March, he decided to apply for a consultant of the real estate trading floor (real estate) VT (based in Ha Long City) with a salary of 2 million VND / month.

Turning to do something that has not been experienced so far, Mr. D. is still confident because the company says that just selling land, the knowledge of baiting customers will learn by themselves gradually.

“On the real estate floor, we just post on social media, reach customers and then have to say so that customers can put down the money to buy, if sold, the company will deduct 1% of the profit of that contract value,” Mr. D. said.


Many areas without electricity or water systems are still offered for sale.

People in Tan An ward, Quang Yen town live by farming, fishing, and seafood. However, from the beginning of the year until now, many families are also caught up in the spiral of land purchase and sale when hundreds of people from all over the world come to ask to buy land in bulk every day.

Because, Tan An ward and a number of other localities are said to be in the planning of the $ 10 billion GCP super project.

Mr. N.T.H (51 years old, a resident of Tan An ward) became reluctant to become a “stork” when his land was valued at nearly 20 million VND / m2 by real estate floors.

Every weekend, Mr. H. is busy leading guests to see the family’s land. With his knowledge, he now has to learn more by himself such as grasping what the land buyers belong to and which direction to introduce the potential of the land.

“Visitors to see the land, I have to choose to ask the age of the guests, which in turns leads to suitable lands, sometimes I think I am a feng shui master”, Mr. H. said cheerfully.


Virtual land fever is happening in some localities of Quang Ninh.

Difficulty in transaction management

On the inter-commune road from Quang Yen town center to village 4, Hoang Tan commune has hundreds of billboards with the content of buying and selling land. Previously, this area had the residential planning project of Dam Canh Che, however the project was left idle for a long time, abandoned, the grass was overgrown, there was no electricity or water system.

Inadequate is that, but land transactions here are very bustling, every day, hundreds of cars bring the control plates of Hanoi and Hai Phong to see the land.

Customers who have a need will be pointed out their potentials and promised profits in a short time by the team, such as: “You just buy it, just a few months from now there will be a 10 billion project HLX USD, when it comes to doing business is also good but “surfing” is also several times more profitable.

If the customer agrees, then deposit money on the spot, there will be an employee to bring the land purchase contract prepared to sign.


Thong Nhat area, Tan An ward is also considered a hot spot when the price of land in this countryside is reaching 20 million VND / m2. The project of Thong Nhat 2 and 3 residential area of ​​more than 10 hectares has been auctioned three times by the administration of Tan An ward. The last time was in January 2020 with the price of 10 to 12 million VND / m2.

However, from the beginning of the year up to now, the real estate trading floors poured in here and speculated on large areas. Next, buying and selling internally to create a wave of pushing prices up to nearly 20 million VND / m2 and then selling to gullible people. In particular, there are land parcels within a month that have been transferred back and forth dozens of times.


Real estate transaction offices sprung up in the abandoned land in Quang Yen town.

Chairman of the People’s Committee of Tan An Ward Doan Quang Tuyen said that all current land prices are publicly listed for people to know.

In addition, the People’s Committee of Quang Yen Town also strictly directs the management of land transactions in the area. “The real estate floors only put small offices in the ward area, but currently transactions are all on the phone, so management is facing many difficulties”, Mr. Tuyen said.

According to the Chairman of the People’s Committee of Quang Yen Tran Duc Thang, there were initially documents announcing localities, especially those with economic development projects.

It is recommended that people should not be gullible and fall into the trap of virtual land fever of the speculative group, causing difficulties in the management and clearance of the site in the area.

It is known that Ha Long Xanh complex urban area has a total estimated land use area of over 4,109 ha, including about 3,186 ha in communes, Tan An, Ha An, Hoang Tan, Lien Hoa (town Quang Yen) , over 923 hectares in the wards of Ha Khau and Dai Yen (Ha Long City). The project with a total investment of about 232,369 billion VND (equivalent to about 10 billion USD), in which equity is about 34,855 billion VND (about 15%), mobilized capital is about 197,514 billion VND (about 85%).

Source: ndh.vn – Translated by fintel.vn