Spot stocks on July 31: VSC, MBB, VIP

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Comments on some key stocks made by securities companies include VSC, MBB, VIP.

VSC – Breakthrough

BIDV Securities Securities Joint Stock Company (BSC)

Technical highlights:

– Current trend: Price increase.

– MACD trend indicator: Golden Cross appears.

– RSI indicator: ascending above the 50 level and not yet entering the overbought zone.

– Line MA: EMA12 is above EMA26.


VSC is in a state of continuing to increase prices after a short-term adjustment last week. Stock liquidity in recent sessions is still maintaining good value and stability. The technical indicators are now in a positive state.

Today, VSC increased quite impressively by 5.28% to officially surpass the resistance at the 30 area. MACD indicator has appeared Golden Cross and RSI momentum indicator has not yet entered the overbought area so the stock can maintain the uptrend in the coming sessions. The nearest support level of VSC is at 30 – 30.5.

Cổ phiếu tâm điểm ngày 31/7: VSC, MBB, VIP - Ảnh 1.

Technical chart of VSC stock

MBB – Falling provisions help improve profits

Yuanta Vietnam Securities Corporation (FSC)


MBB has announced that after-tax profit of parent bank shareholders in the second quarter of 2020 was VND 2,300 billion (up 32% compared to the beginning of the period / up 23% over the same period) mainly due to the reduction of provisioning and debt recovery bad increase in the second quarter of 2020.

Profits in the following quarters of all banks will be under pressure due to the Covid-19 epidemic and MBB is no exception. However, good asset quality can help MBB overcome difficulties better than most banks.

LLR rate increased (up 24ppt compared to the beginning of the period / increased 23ppt over the same period), reaching 121% in the second quarter of 2020. MBB’s increase in LLR ratio in the second quarter of 2020 reflects the bank’s prudence to prepare for asset quality deterioration that may continue in the coming quarters.

Cổ phiếu tâm điểm ngày 31/7: VSC, MBB, VIP - Ảnh 2.

Photo: Anh Huong

VIP – Benefit from low oil prices

Yuanta Vietnam Securities Corporation (FSC)


VIP announced Q2 / 2020 business results with net revenue of 124 billion dong, down by 8.8% YoY, while EAT is 68.8 billion dong while the company reported a loss of 3.5 billion dong in the same period. .

Profit after tax increased sharply mainly thanks to the improvement in the ratio of LNG thanks to the decrease in fuel price, making VIP’s LNG reach VND 40.5 billion, 5 times higher than the same period. In addition, another profit of 56 billion dong came from the liquidation of Petrolimex 06 vessel.

In the first 6 months of 2020, VIP recorded net revenue of 270 billion dong, up slightly compared to the same period and EAT of 72.7 billion dong while the same period saw a loss of over 21 billion dong.

For 2020, VIP has set a revenue target of VND 588.3 billion and a net profit of VND 54.4 billion, thus the company only achieved 46% of the revenue target but exceeded 33.6% of the profit target. Profit for the year 2020.

VIP plans to invest in used fuel / chemical tankers or build new tonnage in line with the maximum total investment of VND 580 billion to gradually replace and rejuvenate the current fleet. Besides, the company also plans to sell two buildings at 37 Phan Boi Chau and 443 Quang Trung, Hai Phong.

VIP’s business is relatively stable thanks to the contracts of transportation of petrol for Petrolimex.

VIP will continue to benefit from low oil prices in 2020, and the sale of real estate and liquidation of old fleets will also help the company earn extraordinary income.

Investors should only consider the statements of securities companies as a reference source. Securities companies all recommend disclaiming liability for these statements.