SSI, VND, SHS and a series of securities companies completed capital increase, “margin ceiling” was increased by 27,000 billion dong

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The stock market has increased sharply since the beginning of the year and the unprecedentedly active trading has created favorable conditions for securities companies to implement plans to increase capital to supplement business activities. 30 stock exchanges have planned to raise capital in 2021 through forms such as dividends, right to buy, issue individually… With a total additional capital of about 24,339 billion.

30 securities companies have plans to increase capital in 2021

Up to now, at least 9 securities companies have successfully raised capital with approximately 1.35 billion newly issued shares, equivalent to a total capital increase of about 13,500 billion. Along with that, the total balance of margin loans at these securities companies will also be extended by a maximum of VND 27,000 billion.

Most recently, SSI Securities (code SSI) has closed the right to issue more shares to increase share capital from equity and offered shares to existing shareholders on September 9.

Accordingly, the company will issue more than 219.1 million shares to increase share capital from equity and offer more than 109.55 million shares to exercise the right to buy shares to existing shareholders at the price of 10,000 shares. VND/share. The total value of mobilized capital is 1,095 billion VND. The total number of shares to be issued is nearly 329 million shares, through which the charter capital of SSI will increase from 6,573 billion VND to approximately 9,860 billion VND.

On September 8, VIX Securities (code VIX) closed the right to buy shares with the number of additional shares issued 127.7 million shares, the issue price of 10,000 dong, equivalent to the total mobilized value of 1,277. billions dong. In addition, the company also issued 19.2 million shares to pay the 2020 dividend. The total number of additional shares issued is 146.2 million units, corresponding to an increase in charter capital of 1,462 billion VND to 2,746 billion.

Previously, Saigon – Hanoi Securities (code: SHS) closed the list of final registrations to receive a share dividend at the rate of 5% and offered it to existing shareholders at the rate of 2:1 on August 24.

Specifically, the company will issue 10.36 million bonus shares from equity at a rate of 5% and offer more than 103.6 million shares to offer to existing shareholders at VND13,500 per share. The total number of shares issued added 114 million units, thereby raising the charter capital from VND 2,073 billion to VND 3,213 billion.

Also in August, Da Nang Securities (codename DSC) successfully issued 94 million shares to strategic investors with the offering price of 10,000 VND/share, equivalent to the total proceeds of 940 billion VND. Charter capital after issuance increased more than 16 times, reaching 1,000 billion dong.

In July, VNDirect Securities (codenamed VND) successfully issued 214.5 million shares to existing shareholders at the ratio 1:1 at the price of VND 14,500/share. Total proceeds from the offering amounted to more than 3,100 billion VND. Post-issuance charter capital has doubled to VND 4,349 billion, equivalent to a total number of listed shares of approximately 435 million units. The issued shares were delivered on 12/8/2021.

Similarly, Tan Viet Securities (TVSI) also successfully issued 145.8 million shares in July, with the total value of capital raised at par value up to 1,458 billion dong. The corresponding charter capital increased from 1,080 billion VND to 2,639 billion VND.

In June, Viet Capital Securities (VCSC – code VCI) successfully issued 166.5 million shares to existing shareholders, bringing the total number of shares after the issuance to 333 million shares. Charter capital also doubled to 3,330 billion dong. After completing the depository procedure, this batch of shares was additionally listed on HoSE in July.

At the same time, MB Securities (MBS code) has also successfully issued 103.2 million shares, raising its charter capital from VND1,644 billion to VND 2,676 billion. Of which, the number of offerings to existing shareholders is more than 70.4 million shares, the number of ESOP offerings is more than 8.2 million shares, the remaining more than 24.6 million shares are expected to be issued to pay dividends. Stock transfer date in July 2021.

Meanwhile, Tri Viet Securities (code TVB) also closed the final list to offer nearly 35.6 million shares to existing shareholders at a ratio of 2:1 on June 4. The charter capital accordingly increased from more than 711 billion VND to 1,067 billion VND. The offering price is 10,000 VND/share, equivalent to the mobilized amount of nearly 356 billion VND.

After issuing shares successfully raising capital, adding a significant resource for margin loans, improving the capacity of guarantees, investing in stocks, bonds … It is not excluded that more stock exchanges will adjust their profit plans such as VND (up 82%), TVB (up 100%).

Securities companies develop business plans based on the scenario that the average liquidity of the market is 15,000 billion dong per session. However, the actual number is now much higher, possibly up to billions of USD, and the high level of liquidity is forecasted to continue to be maintained thanks to the wave of new investors joining in with no signs of slowing down. heat, as well as the deployment of a minimum batch of 10 shares can be done in the near future.

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