Stock judgment April 29: Hope is only rekindled

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Final structure date for domestic ETFs (Neutral)

Vn-Index is forecasted to struggle with fluctuations in the next session. The index might challenge resistant level of 1.235-1.248 points. Tomorrow, investment funds according to the indexes of HOSE-Index will promote portfolio restructuring activities.

Short-term night zone created (Increase)

(MB Securities Company – MBS)

Technically, the market has created a buffer for the short-term bottom, the area above is the resistance zone of 1,300 points, there will be fluctuations, but with positive signals both inside and outside as at present. Not to worry about, the market’s rising inertia is still dominant.

Negative (Decreased)

(Mirae Asset Securities Company -MAS)

Although there were 2 consecutive gaining sessions, but the liquidity showed the cautiousness in the short term. The short-term technical score of the VN-Index continued to remain at -6 points, corresponding to the NEGATIVE rating.

Tug-of-war (Neutral)

(BIDV Securities Company – BSC)

According to BSC, VN-Index might fluctuate around 1.225-1.230 in the last session of the month.

Challenging resistance level at 1,230 points (Neutral)

(BOS Securities Company – ART)

Most likely, the VN-Index will challenge the resistance level of 1,230 points in the next session, before confirming the signals for the next period. However, ART believes that this period is more risky than opportunities, investors can maintain their current portfolio, and limit chasing when the market rallies.

Still in short-term downtrend (Down)

(Yuanta Securities Vietnam JSC)

The short-term trend of the market remains DOWN. Therefore, Yuanta recommends investors to hold the current proportion and observe the market. At the same time, short-term investors should not buy or only buy new at a low proportion when market risks remain high.

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