Stock price peaked in 1 year, Dragon Capital sold more than 2 million NBB shares

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Dragon Capital’s funds have sold more than 2 million NBB shares of Nam Bay Bay Investment Company (HoSE: NBB) since September 7. Most likely, these transactions will be done by matching orders on the floor because from mid-August until now, NBB shares have no put-through transaction.

From the beginning of September, NBB shares increased continuously and ended September 14th at a 1-year peak of 19,550 dong / share. Temporarily calculated according to the average closing price of the period September 7-10 is 19,300 VND, Dragon Capital can earn over 39 billion VND.


Source: CBTT

According to the previous information release, Dragon Capital became a major shareholder in NBB since February 2017 after the member fund Amersham Industries Limites bought over 3.3 million shares, increasing the holding of the entire fund group. 5.06 million shares, equivalent to 7.9% capital. By March 2017, Grinling International Limited fund continued to buy shares, increasing the holding rate of the entire fund group to more than 10%. At that time, the price of NBB’s shares ranged from 13,500 VND to 14,500 VND.

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