Subsidiary IDI shares hit the ceiling for 36 consecutive sessions

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With 36 consecutive ceiling gains, DAT’s share price has risen more than 11 times since its bottom. 6,820 VND / share.

In recent times, DAT shares of Tourism Investment and Fisheries Development Joint Stock Company (Trisedeco) hit the ceiling price for 36 consecutive sessions, attracting the attention of investors. Accordingly, DAT share price has increased 11 times since the price of 6,820 dong / share at session 18/6, closed 73,500 dong on August 7.

Cổ phiếu công ty con IDI tăng trần 36 phiên liên tiếp - Ảnh 1.

DAT shares hit the ceiling price for 36 consecutive sessions. Source: TradingView

With the closing price on August 7, Trisedeco’s market cap is nearly 3,500 billion dong. Its capitalization is more than 4 times higher than that of parent company IDI (VND 833 billion).

During the last trading week (August 3 – August 7), DAT stock was the strongest gainer on HOSE.

Although the price increased strongly, there were not many investors holding this stock because the liquidity only reached a few hundred, even a few dozen units per session.

In addition, the company’s shareholder structure is also relatively concentrated when I.D.I Multinational Investment and Development Joint Stock Company (Code: IDI) holds 79.25% of the charter capital. IDI’s parent company, Sao Mai Group (Ticker: ASM), also owns 3.94% of the charter capital.

As for the board of directors, Mr. Le Thanh Thuan – a member of the Board of Directors of Trisedeco and his son, Mr. Le Tuan Anh, owns the same rate of 3.94% of the company’s charter capital. Currently, Mr. Le Thanh Thuan is the General Director of Sao Mai Group and also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of IDI.

On IDI’s financial statements, the value of capital contributed to Trisedeco as of June 30 is nearly 302 billion.

Noted in the Vietnamese stock market, the unusual price increases of stocks with many consecutive ceiling-hitting sessions are often related to special deals.

In the first months of this year, GAB shares of FLC Mining Investment and Asset Management also increased 14 times. Then came the market information about this company’s merger with other FLC Group related companies, Faros Construction (Code: ROS) and FLC Stone Investment and Minerals (Ticker: AMD).