Tael Two Partners continues to register to sell 15 million shares of PAN

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Previously, Teal Two Partners has continuously sold a total of 13.86 million PAN shares since September. Besides, a foreign fund from Japan is also divesting its entire capital from PAN Group JSC.

Recently, Tael Two Partners Ltd. announced the sale of 15 million PAN shares of PAN Group Joint Stock Company from November 4 to December 3 to restructure the investment portfolio. Transactions are made through agreement and/or order matching.

It is known that this is not the first time a foreign fund from Cayman has registered to reduce its ownership ratio at PAN. Since the beginning of September, Tael Two Partners has registered to sell PAN shares 4 times with a total of more than 13.68 million shares, thereby bringing the ownership rate to 11.65%.

If completing this transaction, Tael Two Partners will reduce the number of shares in PAN from 24.3 million shares to 9.3 million shares, equivalent to reducing the holding ratio from 11.65% to 4. .47% charter capital and is no longer a major shareholder in PAN. Temporarily calculated at the current market price, Tael Two Partners can earn 490.5 billion dong from the transaction.

Source: HOSE compilation.

Besides Tael Two Partners, another major foreign shareholder, Sojitz Corporation, also sold 10.5 million shares in October and continued to sell all the remaining 10.4 million shares from October 27. November 25, thereby no longer being a shareholder in PAN Group Joint Stock Company.

Before the divestment of two foreign funds, PAN stock has had relatively positive movements in recent sessions. After hitting the ceiling on October 28, this code kept gaining momentum and was trading at 32,700 dong/share as of 14:16 p.m on November 1, up 0.93% compared to the reference price.

After the first 9 months of 2021, PAN recorded consolidated revenue and profit after tax of VND 6,401 billion and VND 231 billion, respectively, up 10% and 29% over the same period.

PAN stock price movement on the market. (Photo: TradingView).

Source: vietnambiz.vn – Translated by fintel.vn