The demand returned, the VN-Index recovered

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At the end of the session, the VN-Index increased by 2.42 points (0.2%) to 1,242.38 points. There were 267 gainers, 155 losers and 59 unchanged stocks. The HNX-Index increased by 1.16 points (0.4%) to 292.84 points. There were 147 gainers, 84 losers and 45 unchanged stocks. UPCoM-Index decreased 0.04 points (-0.05%) to 82.56 points.

Market liquidity remained at a very high level, the total matched volume reached 965.7 million shares, equivalent to a value of 20,300 billion VND, of which, put-through transactions accounted for 18,500 billion VND. The matched value on HoSE today still reached 14,800 billion dong and this floor continued to block orders at the end of the morning session.

Foreign investors net sold more than 60 billion on HoSE and focused on stocks such as CTG, VNM, GAS.

Foreign trading on HoSE. Source: FireAnt.


Pausing the morning session, the VN-Index increased by 0.49 points (0.04%) to 1,240.45 points. There were 253 gainers, 177 losers and 48 unchanged stocks. The HNX-Index increased 0.88 points (0.3%) to 292.56 points. There were 116 gainers, 82 losers and 58 unchanged stocks. UPCoM-Index decreased 0.13 points (-0.16%) to 82.47 points.

Market liquidity remained at a very high level, total trading volume reached 814 million shares, worth 17,200 billion VND, of which, put-through transactions accounted for 16,500 billion VND, on HoSE alone, matched value reached 14,100 billion VND. Dong so the congestion on this floor continued happening right at the end of the morning session.

Foreign investors saw a slight net buying of 3.5 billion dong on HoSE.

Foreign trading on HoSE. Source: FireAnt.

11:15 am

GEX hit the ceiling price to 27,250 dong / share while VGC increased 1.3% to 35,450 dong / share.

Vietnam Electrical Equipment Corporation (Gelex, HoSE: GEX) has just bought nearly 18.6 million shares of Viglacera (HoSE: VGC), thereby increasing the total ownership of the group of investors to 50.2%. At this rate, Gelex is officially the parent company and will consolidate Viglacera’s financial statements from the second quarter.


The surge in demand helped a series of large stocks increase, in which HSG increased 3.2% to VND 29,400 per share, BVH increased 2.9% to VND 63,400 per share, TPB increased 2.8% to VND 28,950 per share, MSN increased 2.5% to VND 94,200 per share.

SK Group signed a contract to buy 16.26% of VCM from Masan Group with a total cash value of USD 410 million. VCM currently owns 100% of VinCommerce – which owns the VinMart, VinMart+ and VinEco chains – a company in the field of vegetable and fruit production… With this transaction, VinCommerce is valued at $2.5 billion for 100% equity.

The VN-Index is increasing by 0.28 points (0.02%) to 1,240.24 points. The HNX-Index increased 0.86 points (0.29%) to 292.54 points. UPCoM-Index decreased 0.15 points (-0.18%) to 82.45 points.


The stock market opened on April 7 with the red color dominated the large-cap stocks and this pushed the VN-Index back below the reference level, in which, stocks such as PNJ, SSB, STB, GVR, MSN, VCB, VNM … were all in the red.

However, the downward momentum of VN-Index quickly narrowed due to the rising demand force, stocks such as MBB, CTG, BVH, GAS, VRE … still maintaining good momentum, in which, MBB increased 1.8% to VND 31,950 per share, CTG increased 1.3% to VND 43,550/share, GAS increased 0.7% to VND 90,300/share.

Currently, the VN-Index decreased 1.36 points (-0.11%) to 1,238.6 points. Total trading volume reached 122.7 million shares, worth VND 2,500 billion. The HNX-Index increased by 0.24 points (0.08%) to 291.92 points. Total trading volume reached 24.8 million shares, worth 444 billion. UPCoM-Index decreased 0.07 points (-0.08%) to 82.53 points.

The market fluctuated and shook with strong differentiation in large-cap stocks. Foreign investors were no longer positive when they net sold on HoSE but the value was quite modest and focused mainly on CTG.

According to BIDV Securities (BSC), VN-Index may continue to fluctuate in the next few sessions and also not exclude the possibility that there will be a slight decrease.

Yuanta Vietnam Securities (YSVN) believes that the market can maintain its uptrend in the next session and the VN-Index might move towards the next short-term resistance level of 1,284 points.

Some notable international information.

At the end of April 6, the Dow Jones, Nasdaq and the S&P 500 all fell. Dow Jones lost 96.95 points, or 0.29%, to 33,430.24 points. The S&P 500 dropped 3.97 points, or 0.1%, to 4,073.94 points. Nasdaq fell 7.21 points, or 0.05%, to 13,968.38 points.

Stock markets in Asia – Pacific were mixed in session 6/4. The MSCI Asia-Pacific Index excluding Japan increased by 0.33%. In Japan, Nikkei 225 decreased by 1.3% while Topix decreased by 1.4%. The Chinese market went down from the beginning with the Shanghai Composite down 0.04%, the Shenzhen Component down 0.278%. The Hong Kong market is on holiday. South Korea’s Kospi Index rose 0.2%. Australia’s ASX 200 increased by 0.84%.

Closing the session on April 6, Brent and WTI both increased. Brent oil futures rose 59 cents, or 1%, to $ 62.74 / barrel. WTI oil futures price increased 68 cents, or 1.2%, to $ 59.33 / barrel.

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