The reason Vietnam has the most billionaires ever

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According to the 2021 World Billionaire list just announced by Forbes, Vietnam has 6 businessmen in the group of super-rich people, owning assets of $ 1 billion or more.

Vietnamese billionaires include Vingroup President Pham Nhat Vuong ($ 7.3 billion), Vietjet CEO Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao ($ 2.8 billion), Hoa Phat President Tran Dinh Long ($ 2.2 billion), Chairman Techcombank Ho Hung Anh (1.6 billion USD), Thaco Chairman Tran Ba ​​Duong (1.6 billion USD), Masan Chairman Nguyen Dang Quang (1.2 billion USD).

This is the first year Vietnam has 6 billionaires. In 2020, only 4 Vietnamese businessmen will be recognized as USD billionaires when the owners of Hoa Phat and Masan are absent.

The list of annual billionaires is published by Forbes in March and April every year. But in addition, this organization also updates the fluctuations of billionaires daily assets with changes mainly from stock price fluctuations.

As early as May 2020, Forbes’ real-time rich-people rankings brought Mr. Tran Dinh Long and Mr. Nguyen Dang Quang back to the billionaire group. This is also the time when the Vietnamese stock market recovered strongly after the shock of falling to the bottom in March 2020 when the Covid-19 translation has just broke out in the country.

Since then, Vietnam’s stock market has kept going up. Over the past days, the VN-Index has continuously made new highs in its 21-year history.

Most stocks have risen sharply in the past year and the blue-chips of businesses that are owned by six Vietnamese billionaires are no exception. The net worth of Vietnamese billionaires accordingly increased sharply compared to last year.


Representatives of Forbes shared the wealth statistics of billionaires including many types of assets such as stocks, private companies, real estate, works of art. The stock price and exchange rate are pegged by the institution on March 5 to list this year. Therefore, up to now, the net worth of many billionaires has changed.

Real-time statistics of Forbes on April 7 estimated that Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong owned up to $ 8.7 billion, 1.4 billion USD higher than the figure in the 2021 ranking. Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao is now down $ 100 million to $ 2.7 billion.

Meanwhile, the two billionaires Tran Dinh Long and Ho Hung Anh respectively own 200 million USD and 100 million USD, bringing the value of assets to 2.4 billion USD and 1.7 billion USD. As for the assets of Mr. Tran Ba ​​Duong and Mr. Nguyen Dang Quang so far, they have not changed.

Real-time asset values of Vietnamese billionaires fluctuate mainly due to associated stock price changes.

In the past month, the market prices of shares of Vingroup, Hoa Phat, Techcombank, and Masan increased by 20%, 7%, 9% and 5% respectively. Shares of HDBank, the bank that Ms. Thao owns, also increased by 6%, but Vietjet shares fell 2% in the latest month.

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