The story of building VPBank corporate culture through the marathon

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From VPIron as strong as Phu Dong

In early 2018, a group of VPBank running lovers gathered under the name VPIron. With only a few dozen initial members, VPIron quickly attracted a large number of VPBank participants, from head office to branches in Hanoi and provinces across the country.

Three months after the official launch date (September 18, 2018), VPIron helped VPBank set a record for the largest number of members of a business participating in a run with more than 500 runners competing at Hanoi International Heritage. Marathon (HIHM). This is also a run where VPBank is a co-organizer.

Up to now, VPIron has 1,900 members and is in the top 10 of the largest groups in Vietnam. If only for businesses, VPIron is the number 1 runner in Vietnam in terms of quantity.

Not only increasing in quantity, VPIron also thrived in terms of quality. If at HIHM, VPBank had 500 athletes participating with the number of people competing at 10km distance was 40, 21km distance was 30 and only 4 people competed at 42km FM distance then to EPM in April 2019, Only 6 months later, the registered number at a distance of 21km is nearly 100 (increased more than 3 times) and a distance of 42km is up to nearly 40 people (up 10 times).


About 300 VPBanker with the core of the best VPIron have participated in organizing and volunteering to support the track.

“In order to spread the spirit of sport and positive lifestyle” Wealth & Health “to the community, VPBank has built internal core nuclei. VPIron grows from the foundation. We want to build a strong, durable foundation to go long distances, like the way long-distance runners often plan their training, ”VPIron club manager Dao Gia Hung, also a leader the bank’s senior director said.

Notably, at VPHM – the most anticipated run in 2020, there are about 300 VPBankers with the core of VPIron’s best cores who have participated in organizing and volunteering to support the track to bring best experiences, bringing the spirit of service and pride of VPBank to runners, their friends, colleagues and customers. This is both a key point to the great success of VPHM this year, and also the most distinguishing point between VPBank and other running organizers.

Up to now, it can be affirmed that VPIron is one of the clear symbols of VPBank corporate culture. It is a dynamic, enthusiastic VPBank, always unite to overcome all challenges.

To spread VPBank’s value

At VPBank, the goal of building a corporate culture is to strengthen the connection between people and people, and between people and the organization, thereby inspiring and motivating all bank members to achieve get the highest productivity and working efficiency. The sport of running seems to be the most popular sport, suitable for most conditions and conditions of all people, and also the most compatible with VPBank’s corporate culture philosophy.

“Quality like VPBank” is what VPBank staff are always proud of. Internal strength and internal solidarity not only help VPBank to develop business, but also develop the bank’s culture and reputation.

Each VPBanker, when participating in the bank’s internal movement activities or brand activities, is not only responding, but also wishes to contribute to clearly depict VPBank’s unique corporate culture because They are a part of that, ”shared Mr. Dong Xuan Hoa – VPBank Communications Director.

Of course, that culture is not natural. This bank’s communications director once revealed that in order to build a strong culture with truly good and unique values widely acknowledged as today, VPBank had to accumulate and build up little by little, full of effort and hard work for nearly 10 years.

Ngân hàng tích cực tham gia các hoạt động

VPBank Hanoi Marathon has become an increasingly loved destination.

However, in addition to the quality of the staff, the very important thing to develop corporate culture is the will of the head, Mr. Hoa affirmed and added, at VPBank, the Board of Directors and The Board of Directors always supports and creates the highest conditions for internal cultural and movement activities.

After a long journey, VPBank people can now be proud of the programs, even for employees, but have become a cult “brand” in the business community such as Sing & Dance, Miss & Mr VPBank, Trang Nguyen VPBank, VPShow, VP Photography Club VP, VPBank Gold Cup Especially, VPBank Commandos is the famous “specialty” of this bank when choosing and bringing hundreds of Excellent staff members conquered the peaks of Fansipan, West Yen Tu, Tam Dao, Tu Lan, Bach Moc Luong Tu .

“When employees are connected with each other, associated with the organization, of course, the work efficiency will be higher, the spirit of excitement. From there, contribute to spreading the values of the bank to the community and society. After every VPBank event, reading public comments on the internet or through the press, I feel really proud and proud of my bank, “said Ms. Thu Thuy, an employee of VPBank.

Returning to the story of VPBank Hanoi Marathon ASEAN 2020, Mr. Hoa said that for external changes, it must start from himself and over the years, VPBank has always transformed strongly to upgrade itself, including building and strengthening the internal culture, towards bringing the most comprehensive prosperity, both financially, mentally and physically, to the Vietnamese people.

“Many people previously did not know how to run or did not love to run, but up to now, there are hundreds of thousands of runners in Vietnam, many people, many families, many businesses speak the same language. “Runner”. And we can be proud to say that there are no small marks from VPBank, from VPIron. That is what we want: spreading a cold lifestyle, positive spiritual values to as many people as possible ”, Mr. Dong Xuan Hoa shared.

Up to now, this 3-year-old annual sports event branded VPBank Hanoi Marathon has not only become an increasingly loved destination of VPBank but also of the entire running community, the people of the capital and friends. That is the clearest and most profound demonstration of VPBank’s corporate culture.

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